Musical Review: Waitress

Details: Nominated for the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2016. The playbill for the original Broadway cast can be found at The official site is

The above clip is the first time I’d ever heard of the musical Waitress. It was at the 2016 Tony Awards and after that, I was desperate to see more of this show. Waitress is an adorable, funny romantic comedy with music written by Sara Bareilles.

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Just Sharing Jessie Mueller’s performance at the 2016 Tony Awards

Like most people this year, I was obsessed with the musical Hamilton. After browsing youtube, I found myself overcome with guilt for overlooking this musical. As a youtube commenter has said, this song goes straight for the kill and I could feel myself choking up just listening to it. The part that gets me is the one with Jessie Mueller. The show is called Waitress and is on Broadway. Great song and great performance that I must’ve listened to over a dozen times now.