Snack Review: Lunchables Turkey & American and Ham & Cheddar

Details: Official site is

Score: 5.8/10

Lunchables is one of those products that succeeds purely off of their branding, marketing and advertising. The product itself is a complete waste of money. They sell you trash crackers, cheese and deli meat and you pay a premium for it.

I bought a multipack for about $1.50 per package (if you buy this at your local supermarket, it’ll probably cost around four dollars) and this still wasn’t worth the price I paid. Each pack had five or six pieces of crackers, cheese (a really cheap kind) and a deli meat (also very cheap looking). I also got two oreo cookies. I imagine it costs them about forty or fifty cents to make one these packages. The taste was not great, but it was exactly what you’d expect from a charcuterie platter made for four year olds.

Despite whatever complaints I have for this product, I still bought it. The marketing worked for me. The packaging enticed me and I feel pretty sad about that. This stuff is a waste of money and no one should ever buy this.