Comic Book Reviews: December 14, 2016

Got three comics this week. Here they are.

Spider-Man (2016) #10

Official site is

I usually hate tie ins to big comic book events, but this was pretty good and added a little bit to the character of Miles Morales. Miles returns and hints at what will happen in the next Civil War II issue. It’s somewhat emotional and definitely got me a little hyped for the final issue of Civil War II.

Score: 6/10


Suicide Squad (2016) #8

Official site is

If you like Jim Lee’s art, then buy it. If not, there is nothing for you here. The story is meh.

Score: 4/10


Inhumans vs. X-Men (2016) #1

Official site is

This was my favorite book of the week. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Lenil Yu’s art. While many may not like it, I really do so that was nice. The story was pretty good and served the purpose of a first issue; it set up the massive action that will likely come in future issues. The motivations for both sides are simple, but make sense unlike in Civil War II. I’m looking forward to where this series goes. Most of all, I’m just happy that Marvel is giving the X-Men some attention. I feared marvel was going to kill the X-Men books because they didn’t have the film rights. Let’s hope that is not the case.

Score: 6.5/10

Movie Review: Suicide Squad

Details: Movie was about two hours long. Stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie. Released in 2016.

Watching this movie gave me flashbacks of the Fantastic Four movie. The main problem here is the same thing in that movie: too many ideas. There were just so many ideas thrown into this movie and not given enough time to flesh out. The result is a film that looks cool in a trailer, but doesn’t really have any substance.

There’s a lot to address with this movie. Firstly, we have to address that dialogue. My goodness, were there some cringe worthy lines spoken in this movie. Pretty much every line spoken by Harley made me cringe. They just did not give proper motivation to each of the characters so that everyone just looked like they were repeating lines.

Which leads us to the acting. The acting is pretty bad. I mean they’re trying, but you can only do so much with such a bare script. Will Smith probably did the most believable job, which isn’t saying much. Jared Leto’s Joker got a lot of publicity prior to the movie’s release, but he barely got any screen time to fully present his character. In the few scenes that he was in, he really wasn’t that great. He was just okay. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn also received a lot of publicity, but, again, every line was cringy and the only thing she is good for in this movie was as eye candy. Even as beautiful as she is, her looks couldn’t salvage this movie.

The main reason this movie sucks so bad is the story. Again, too many ideas and no explanation or exploration of any of them. It just feels like they are going down a checklist of things you want to put into a comic book movie without any plot points or scenes that support it. It’s just a badly written script altogether. Furthermore, a lot of the plot points did not make any sense. The characters did a whole host of conflicting actions that made no sense. Really, the motivation for the whole movie and for assembling a suicide squad made no sense.

The only good part of the film were the visuals, and they weren’t even that great.

In regards to the music, many well known songs were used, maybe too many. It just made the tone of the film feel too eclectic and varied. There was no real core theme or cohesion to this story. Just a bunch of ideas taped together.

Score: 3/10 This movie tries very hard to be cool, but just ends up embarrassing itself. It felt like a collection of scenes that was just not worth watching. I would just wait for Ben Affleck’s Batman movie. I have yet to see a movie directed by Affleck I did not like.