Video Game Review: Hitman

Details: Only the campaign can be played offline, no challenges, unlocks, etc. As such, a substantial amount of this kind requires a constant internet connection. Initially released in 2016. Hitman is an episodic game with six episodes and some downloadable content. I bought all the episodes and downloadable content on Steam for about twelve dollars in a bundle. There was a sale in addition to getting episodes one and two for free during giveaways. Spent about twenty-two hours playing through it on the PC. Official site is

Score: 6.5/10

I would’ve given this game a 7/10, but the mandatory internet connection for a single player experience was just stupid. Otherwise, Hitman is a fun game that focuses on stealth and infiltration. The primary enjoyment a person will get from this game depends on whether they enjoy playing challenge maps over and over again. If you prefer story driven single player experiences, this is not the game for you.

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Video Game Review: Dishonored

Details: This is a review of the main game only, not of any of the downloadable content. Originally released in 2012. The Definitive Edition was released in 2015. I purchased Dishonored: Definitive Edition a long time ago for about $8.50 through, who is now known as I think. The Definitive Edition comes with all the downloadable content. Beat the game in about eleven hours. Played on the PC through Steam.

Score: 7/10

Dishonored is a first person perspective stealth game. Think Assassin’s Creed from the first person perspective. While mostly fun, the game is a little bare and lacks the gameplay and narrative depth necessary to make this game more than satisfactory. It is still very fun despite its age.

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Video Game Review: Metro 2033 Redux

Details: Purchased along with Metro Last Light Redux in the Metro Redux bundle for $5.39 from Beat it in about seven hours. Played on the PC through Steam.

Score: 6.8/10

Metro 2033 Redux is an upgraded re-release of the original Metro 2033. The visuals are all upgraded and look pretty damn good. The game itself is a first person shooter horror game that takes place in a post apocalyptic Moscow.

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Video Game Review: Psychonauts

Details: Originally released in 2005. Got the game for free through Beat the game in about twelve hours. Played on PC through Steam.

Score: 7/10

Despite the passage of time, Psychonauts holds up surprisingly well. The game is reminiscent of the old 3D platformers that used to rule the consoles two system generations ago. Psychonauts is a dated, but fun game that I enjoyed very much. There were moments that were confusing or frustrating, but that did not take away from the overall experience for me.

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Video Game Review: The Darkness II

Details: Released in 2012. Beat the game in about three hours. Got it for free from Official site is

Score: 6.4/10

For a game this old, it held up surprisingly well. The Darkness II is a short, fairly adult story about a mob boss possessed by an evil being.

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