Comic Book Review: Batman: Last Knight on Earth

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Score: 6/10

Batman: Last Knight on Earth is not very good. It’s basically a worse copy of what Mark Millar did with Old Man Logan, except with Batman.

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Comic Book Reviews: November 9, 2016

I’ve decided that instead of writing a bunch of individual posts, I’m just going to write a short review for each comic book released today. Less clutter. I read a number of things last week, but since it’s already been a week, I’ll only bring up two.


All Star Batman (2016) #4

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Batman continues his quest to get Two Face to the house. It was cool to see the Court of Owls take part. This whole series has been a showcase of the bad guys in the DC Universe. Romita’s art is fine and his art combined with the final panels definitely reminded me of Millar’s Kick-Ass.

Score: 6.5/10


Invincible Iron Man (2016) #1

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So something happened to Tony Stark at the end of Civil War II, we don’t know what, but he’s gone. Riri Williams, a black girl from Chicago, is a young genius who’s built here own suit of armor. It’s just a first issue so not much is going on, but it looks promising. I also enjoyed Caselli’s art. The last time I saw his art was in Secret Warriors.

Score: 5/10

Comic Book Review: All-Star Batman (2016) #3

Ah, my favorite book on the shelves right now. Snyder tells the third part of our story and the fun indeed continues.

Snyder showcases a whole littany of villains from the DC universe these last few issues. The KGBeast makes his appearance and seems to be substantially more powerful and respected over his last incarnation in the old DC universe. It was also fun to the Royal Flush gang from the Batman Beyond cartoon.

One of the best parts of Snyder’s writing for Batman is that he is not afraid to delve into and explore the Batman canon. We get to see another piece of the Batman puzzle in Harold Allnut, another engineer who works for Batman. I thought Lucius Fox had replaced all Batman but it’s nice to see a familiar face from Batman’s history.

We also learn more about his relationship with Two-Face. I thought it was cleverly done in that it does not change all the prior Two-Face stories in past Batman books, but makes some changes to add color and further develop the story.

Regardless, this is book is a step away from Snyder’s work in the main Batman book. It’s not serious and the stakes don’t feel quite as heavy. Instead, the reader gets a fun, high octane joy ride through the Batman universe and a showcase of DC’s villains.

After the main story, we continue with Duke’s story. It’s a surprisingly interesting side story which adds color to what could be a potentially awesome addition to the Batman universe.

As for Romita’s art, it’s good, but not great. Quite frankly, part of the reason why this book is fun is because you simply cannot take Romita’s style seriously. Caputo style danced the line between beautiful and menacing. There was always this feeling of something being hidden in Caputo’s images. Romita’s is mainly concerned with action. Accordingly, even if Snyder’s intent was for a serious, dramatic story, Romita’s art guarantees this will be, at best, a fun ride. It’s interesting because even seeing acid being poured into Batman’s eyes isn’t that terrible. You just get the feeling that people are going to get beat up next book regardless of whether Batman has his sight or not. It’s just the character of Romita’s art.

Score: 6.5/10 

Comic Book Review: Batman #50 (2016)

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It’s been a long road with Snyder and Capullo, and it seems to be nearing it’s end. For the better part of five years, Snyder and Capullo have been telling the best Batman stories to date, at least in my opinion.

Issue #50 is the penultimate issue for Snyder and Capullo’s run on Batman and a tear certainly formed in my eyes when I thought about their run ending. Over the years, I’ve read many comic books, but right now, there is no comic book on the shelves more important to me than Batman and that is because of the efforts of Snyder and Capullo. When they leave, I may just stop reading Batman altogether.

Well, enough about the past and let’s get to the issue at hand. Issue #50 ends the current “Superheavy” story and returns Bruce Wayne as Batman. What I love about Snyder’s characterization of Batman is that Batman is a beacon of light in a dark city. He inspires the people of Gotham to be better. In prior incarnations, Batman becomes one with the darkness to as to fight those who utilize that same darkness. Snyder instead goes the other direction. Batman represents the faith that Bruce has in the city and his belief that people will do the right thing.

Some additional notes:

Batman’s new costume isn’t all that different, just a little gold thrown in.

I like that it’s hinted that Jim Gordon has always known Batman’s true identity, he just ignores it.

I like how the city of Gotham saves itself in a way because Batman inspires them to do so.

I love any discussion about Gotham, such as the conversation between Bruce and Gordon near the end. Gotham truly is a character in and of itself and Snyder understands that.

Score: 8/10 Parting is such sweet sorrow. The preview for the next issue is that there aren’t really any big story beats, just a side story as a goodbye from Snyder and Capullo. The Batman universe will miss you guys.

Comic Book Review: Batman (2011) #39

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Mannnnn I have loved Snyder and Capullo’s run on Batman. I have freakin’ loved it. Arguably the best Batman run yet. And that is an amazing thing. Because when his run started, so many great Batman stories had already been told like Batman RIP and when Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne took over as Batman and Robin. It seems that no matter how much time passes, the Batman book surpasses all expectations and continues to deliver exciting, enrapturing stories. Batman is without a doubt the comic book I look forward to most each month.


While still very good, this issue is likely the weakest one in the current story arc, which is saying a lot considering how much I loved it.

Short synopsis of the current story arc: Joker has returned yet again to attack Batman and Gotham and nothing is held back this time. Joker knows Batman is Bruce Wayne and he goes to the cave. And then he cuts off Alfred’s HAND. Thank goodness Alfred survives. Then Joker goes on to have a parade and Batman and gang attack to try to get the chemical from Joker’s spine in order to synthesize an antidote to the poison Joker used on the city.

Lots of fun in this issue as in the prior issues, such as watching the bat gang and the rogues gallery team up to fight the joker-ized city. As much fun as it is, the Joker continues to be a force of nature thanks to Capullo’s art. Snyder’s writing is also up to snuff as you can begin to feel Batman’s desperation as he tries to combat this new and more dangerous Joker.

Score: 8/10 Love this book. Only thing I need to read each month. Go get it. If you haven’t read the last thirty-eight issues, go get those, too.