Manga Review: Even If Your Mouth Is Torn

Details: Currently ongoing. I’ve read ten issues. Also known as Kuchi ga Saketemo Kimi Niwa and 口が裂けても君には.

Score: 7/10

Even If Your Mouth Is Torn is a romance and slice of life story about a spirit and a young man. It’s very cute.

Miroku is a spirit in the form of a human woman with her mouth slashed open. She goes around scaring people in hopes of spreading her legend. Kouichi is a young man who has fallen in love with Miroku. Together, they form a contract where if Miroku cannot successfully scare Kouichi within a year, she will marry him. Until then, the two live together.

This story was originally a one shot story. Then, three issues came out. Then, it apparently got picked up for a whole series. So I guess it’s achieved some success.

What was hard for me to get over at first was how nasty the spirit looked at first. Her mouth is gruesomely split open and it shows in many scenes. But after a while, you get used to it and appreciate the character underneath. The spirit is actually very cute and you get a lot of scenes like you’d expect to see in your standard romance manga.

The art is good and a fitting style for this often comedic, sweet story.

Overall, I enjoyed this twist on a romance story. Only a few issues have come out, but I’ve enjoyed watching these two characters be sweet to each other.

Manga Review: I, the Demon Lord, Got Married to the Female Hero’s Mother Making Her My Stepdaughter

Details: Also known as Maou desu. Onna Yuusha no Hahaoya to Saikon Shita no de, Onna Yuusha ga Giri no Musume ni Narimashita and 魔王です。女勇者の母親と再婚したので、女勇者が義理の娘になりました.

Score: 6.8/10

This manga takes place in a fantasy world and is about a Demon Lord who marries the hero’s mother and tries to live happily together.

One day, the hero in a fantasy world attacks the evil Demon Lord, only to be crushingly defeated. Bored with the battle, The Demon Lord decides to spare the hero’s life and return her back to her home village. When the Demon Lord gets there, he falls in love at first sight with the hero’s mother (whose husband is deceased) and the two immediately get married. Now, the Demon Lord, the hero’s mom and the hero must find a way to live together and to live happily.

This is mostly a slice of life and a comedy. There are some sort of serious plot beats and a little bit that deals with the politics in a medieval fantasy world, but it’s mostly just an overprotective step dad trying to get along with his new step daughter.

Overall, it’s a nice little story that was boring in a few places. I still enjoyed it as I can’t recall reading another story similar to the premise in this one.

Manga Review: ‘Tis Time for “Torture,” Princess

Details: Also known as  Hime-sama, “Goumon” no Jikan desu and 姫様“拷問”の時間です. You can read it for free at

Score: 7.1/10

‘Tis Time for “Torture,” Princess is interesting because it masquerades under the guise of a fantasy story. In truth, this is primarily a comedy and a slice of life story that takes place in a fantasy world.

‘Tis Time for “Torture,” Princess is about a princess who gets captured by the Demon King’s army and is set to be tortured for information. Each day, a torturer (named Torture) shows up at the princess’ cell and prepares something irresistible like warm apple pie with a scoop of ice cream or freshly made tempura. The princess tries to resist this fiendish torture, but succumbs almost every time, giving up a secret in exchange for partaking in the delicious food (the torture isn’t always food). Almost all issues are structured this way and we get to enjoy the gag of the princess being “tortured” by freshly made food or a fun activity.

The first funny thing is that it takes place in a fantasy world, except that everything is mundanely modern. The princess is kept in a medieval cell in the Demon Lord’s castle, but when Torture seeks to torture with some delicious curry rice, she takes out a modern rice cooker. Another such torture involved a bicycle race while another involved a trip to an amusement park. Suffice it to say, the juxtaposition of the medieval fantasy world and the modern Japanese world is one of the funniest gags.

I also appreciate how wholesome this comic was. There’s a lot of stuff going on in the real world (coronavirus for instance) and a lot of it’s pretty bad. Reading this comic made me feel surprisingly good. The princess repeatedly proclaiming that she would not fall for the torture and then indulging immediately after is always funny. The characters themselves are all very caring and considerate, which is also funny considering they’re all monsters and demons. The Demon Lord for instance is simply a doting father who is nice to everyone, except he has a terrifying appearance and demeanor. The torturers are all fairly nice and often just offer fun “tortures” for the princess just so they can all have a good time hanging out together. Much of the time, the series is just all the characters hanging out and going bowling, bike riding, or sharing a meal. It’s all predicated under the idea of “torture,” but it’s really just a group of friends having fun.

Overall, this was a nice, feel good series with lots of jokes and characters just being nice and supportive to each other. I didn’t know what to expect from the title, but what I got was a wholesome comedy that just happens to take place in a pseudo fantasy world.

Web Comic Review: This Croc Will Die in 100 Days

Details: More information can be found at and

Score: 7/10

This Croc Will Die in 100 Days is a free, single page web comic where a single page was released every day by the author for 100 days. It’s safe to say that this thing has gone viral as the final comic has reached over 1.5 million likes on Twitter, the comic had a mention on Japanese News, and the author has commented on a movie being made.

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TV Show Review: The Weekenders

Details: Produced by Disney and originally aired in 2000 to 2004. There are 39 episode with each episode at around thirty minutes long with commercials. Each episode is divided into two part with each part consisting of an individual story. Here’s the Wikipedia page:

Score: 7/10

The Weekenders was another Saturday morning cartoon made by Disney. It’s pretty much a sitcom involving kids for kids. The style of humor is surprisingly adult though.

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