TV Show Review: South Park Season Twenty Episode Three, “The Damned”

This is exactly what South Park should be. Each episode should be taking current events — and I mean the events of this very week — and then making jokes on those events. The use of immediate events gives the show relevance that would not otherwise be there. Fortunately, this episode does that.

As for what happens, Hillary Clinton goes to debate Trump/Mr. Garrison and Hillary screws up Garrison’s confession and attempts to quit. Like many would agree in real life, Hillary just can’t seem to get out of her own way despite Mr. Garrison/Trump’s self destructive incompetence. The parallels to real life are a plenty in this episode.

Also hilarious is that Kyle’s dad finally goes too far and his internet trolling victim kills herself. This leads to a standard South Park conspiracy theory plot line where some hilarious “truth” will be revealed.

The scene with Cartman at the McDonald’s at the end of the episode also got me. I think it was a combination of them innocuously eating french fries with sweet and sour sauce (which I also do) and Cartman’s reaction to potentially seeing a vagina.

Score: 6/10

TV Show Review: South Park Season Twenty Episode Two “Skank Hunt”

What a funny episode.

So Kyle’s dad is back at it trolling people online and photoshopping penises into people’s mouths. Cartman and the rest of the boys pay a deep price for these transgressions.

And while the plot was really funny, what really made this episode hilarious was that over dramatic music that played during each of the ridiculous scenes. They just kept playing horror music anytime something bad happened, which was hilarious and successfully conveyed the ridiculousness and over dramatization associated with technology and social media.

Score: 6.8/10 Great.