TV Show Review: Supernatural, Season Twelve Episode One, “Keep Calm Carry On”

Supernatural… is one of my guiltiest pleasures. I am not the target demographic; I am not a fourteen year old girl. I am quite the opposite actually. However, after years of watching this show, from the very first episode even, I still enjoy this series despite the campy-ness present. I think it’s because I’ve gotten used to the format of the show.

As with many shows, there’s a few over arching plots throughout the season, but what I love most about this show are the standalone episodes and monsters of the week. Many popular new series have a long seasons where every episode is relevant to the overarching plot and which are meant to be binged watched. In this sort of climate, it’s nice to just be able to tune into a show with no idea what’s going on in the season, and still have a good time.

If you haven’t been following the series, God and the Darkness made up and the world was saved. In return, the Darkness brought Sam and Dean’s mom back to life. Additionally, the British arm of the Men of Letters showed up and kidnapped Sam. Not much else happens in this episode as Dean, Castiel and Dean’s mom try to track down Sam. Oh, and Sam get’s tortured a bunch.

It’s a fine premiere and pretty much stick to the Supernatural formula, which is really what we want to see. What I really enjoy is that this is a very street level bad guy, who isn’t necessarily a bad guy. They aren’t fighting Death, or God, or the Darkness, or Satan. It’s just some British people and there’s something nice that it’s just an episode that deals with ground level characters. All that fighting omnipotent entities really took away from the weaker baddies they normally fight.

Score: 6/10