TV Show Review: Steven Universe, Season Five, Episodes 19 through 29

Details: This is a review of episodes nineteen through twenty-nine of season five. Episode twenty-nine was the season finale. More information can be found at and

Score: 8.4/10

Back in May 2018, Steven Universe went on hiatus. Then it came back with a few episodes in July. Then it went on hiatus. Then finally came back again at the end of the year and finished the season in January 2019. Were all the delays worth it? Hell yes. Steven Universe is one of the most unique shows I have ever seen because it seeks to convey themes related to identity and acceptance from a nontraditional, yet universal perspective. It then takes these themes and wraps it in a science fiction story that makes it digestible to viewers who may be intolerant, prejudiced, old and young. The incorporation of music and loads of character development (my favorite aspect of a good story) is also welcome.

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TV Show Review: Voltron: Legendary Defender, Seasons 1 Through 7

Details: More information can be found ay and and

Score: 6.8/10

Voltron: Legendary Defender is the newest reboot of a popular decades old cartoon. Originally from Japan, subsequent reboots have been American produced with animation often happening in Asia somewhere. This is still the case with this new series. Legendary Defender is a good show that, as is often the case, gets progressively better in terms of narrative and animation quality with each subsequent season.

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TV Show Review: Arrow, Season 5

Details: Airs on the CW. Twenty-three episodes this season at an hour a piece, including commercials.

At this point in my life, if there’s a superhero in the show, I will watch it. I can’t help it. I just like superhero stuff and I’m too curious to do otherwise. So after the last season of Arrow, I wasn’t expecting much this season. I didn’t enjoy the last season. Fortunately, while this season does make a few of the same narrative mistakes as last season, I generally enjoyed it.

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TV Show Review: Samurai Jack, Season 5

Details: Aired on Cartoon Network. Ten episodes this season at about thirty minutes per episode, including commercials.

After at least ten years, Samurai Jack has finally ended. With shows that have been around this long, there are a lot of memories associated with this series as well as nostalgia. Ultimately, I think they did the ending right, though it did feel a little rushed.

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TV Show Review: Suits (2011) Season Five, Episode Three

Details: Airs on USA Network.

When I write a post about something, there generally needs to be something noteworthy about it. For example, True Detective was not a noteworthy episode this weeks. Nothing stood out about it in my mind. Suits however, had a lot about it that stuck out to me.

Most noteworthy in this episode was Harvey’s anxiety. Through out the seasons, Harvey has gone through uncountable obstacles and stress and he has persevered and proven himself this unstoppable force of an attorney. This season, the stresses keep coming and we finally get to see the chinks in his armor. Harvey is still human no matter how hard he tries to repress that and with Donna leaving, Harvey is forced to face his inner demons and insecurities. It’s great television and it usually is when writers shows us the contrasting weakness in an otherwise strong character.

Other than Harvey, there was a lot of love about this episode. All my favorite Suits elements were there: dramatic walking, domination of opposing counsel, jokes between characters, and heart/bonding/reconciliation between characters. They even avoided bringing up Mike’s secret as they do every season, which I appreciate. I’m still crossing my fingers that they do not create a plot line with Mike’s secret as I hate seeing that annoying plot line every season. It’s done guys, just let Mike practice law. I get it, Mike’s a fraud. I don’t care. Just get on with the story.

Score: 7/10