Fast Food Review: Dunkin’ Donuts Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Details: More information can be found at

Score: 6.5/10

Beyond Meat is a plant based meat substitute that pretty much tastes like low quality ground meat, which makes it the perfect substance to be used in fast food burgers or breakfast sandwiches. The meat at fast food places is generally already trash quality, so replacing with something that tastes like trash isn’t that big of a leap.

This Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich is egg, white cheddar and a Beyond Meat sausage patty on an English muffin. Sausage is the perfect place to use Beyond Meat since it’s just over spiced ground meat.

Overall, the sandwich was okay. All the ingredients were fine, but the Beyond Meat was noticeably worse than a sausage patty made of real meat. But that’s the price you pay to avoid meat and protect animals and your health and all the other reasons why people avoid eating meat.

This thing also wasn’t very cheap. It was somewhere between four to five dollars. I could go to the nearest deli and get the same sandwich for one to two dollars less. But again, this is price of being a vegetarian/vegan. Society has deemed that vegan/vegetarian products will cost a premium. Or maybe it’s just Dunkin’ products that cost a premium.

Restaurant Review: Ming Xing B.B.Q.

Details: Located at 35-14 Farrington St, Flushing, NY 11354. I couldn’t find an official site so here’s the yelp page:

Ming Xing BBQ is a place specializing is Xi’an barbecue skewers. Their twist is that you get to cook it yourself at your table. I usually find communal cooking with friends to be a fun activity and it was pretty fun here despite the many times we burned our hands.

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Restaurant Review: Go! Go! Curry!

Details: Located at 273 West 38th St., New York, NY 10018, among other locations. Official site is

I’ve walked by a few locations a number of times and always wondered how it was. I finally decided to take a look inside and see if it was all right. It was all right.

Ordered the Home Run Curry, which pretty much comes with one of everything they have. It had a shrimp tempura, a sausage, a boiled egg, and the fried pork or chicken cutlet covered with the curry sauce. It also had some chopped cabbage and rice. All of it cost $9.50 before tax.

The food was okay. Nothing spectacular, but you can be sure that the food is not complete crap. It’s fine for it’s price and location. It is enough to fill you.

Score: 5.5/10 You could just opt for a chicken or pork cutlet, shrimp, or sausage curry instead of getting the Home Run Special. They also have differing sizes depending on how hungry you are. Worth mentioning is the World Champion Curry, which is a huge bowl of everything that costs around $25.00.