Restaurant Review: Toasties

Details: Located at 924 Third Ave, New York, NY 10022. Official site is

Score: 6.5/10

Toasties is a chain of lunch places around Manhattan that mostly caters to the lunch rush of office workers Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Just Salad

Details: Located at 600 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016. Official site is

Just Salad is yet another hipster salad place like Sweetgreen and Chop’t. Most salads are about ten to fifteen dollars. I’ve had the poblano salad (which is a winter special), the Thai crunch, and the chicken Cesar. They were all fine. It’s just salad. Nothing special here. Paying ten bucks or more for what is mostly greens and dressing is a bit much.

Score: 6.5/10

Restaurant Review: Printon 56

Details: Located at 50 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019. The official site is

Printon 56 is your standard, no frills New York City lunch place for office workers. They have pizza, a hot station where you can get a meat entree with two sides, a sandwich station, and a salad station. Most things here cost somewhere around ten dollars. A slice of pizza costs two dollars and seventy-five cents I think.

Overall, the food here isn’t great. There’s a place to sit in the back of where they serve pizza. Prices aren’t great considering the quality of food. Chipotle still wins in terms of quality of food versus price, which makes this a place you should avoid unless you are desperate, have eaten everything else within a block radius and want to eat something different. Otherwise, avoid this place. Also worth mentioning is that I’ve had a slice of pizza here that literally made me sick and need to take a sick day.

Score: 4/10

Restaurant Review: Pret A Manger

Details: All over New York City. The officials site is

I hate Pret. I’ve tried the food here again and again, but I still hate Pret. Before going into why I hate Pret, I may as well go into the good points of Pret.

The good things are as follows:

  1. Many convenient locations around Manhattan.
  2. Faster food than McDonald’s. The food sits in a refrigerated or heated display.
  3. Prices are around ten dollars.
  4. Offers some choices, mostly sandwiches, salads, and soup.

Despite these considerations, I still hate Pret. Pret to me symbolizes desperation and price gouging. I have never eaten Pret out of desire, I have always eaten it because I needed something fast and not too expensive. Even still, the food at Pret is overpriced. I look at a cup of soup or a square sandwich cut in half and I wonder to myself, “how the hell is this worth five to ten dollars?”

And the taste. Man. I know people who like Pret. To me however, I feel like I’m eating t.v. dinners. It just tastes like this preserved crap that they microwaved a few minutes ago. Maybe they do make their food fresh. I wouldn’t know, because it tastes like you just took it out of some plastic wrap and put it one display. If I wanted food like this, I would go buy a trash scone from Starbucks.

In conclusion, I hate this place. I hate it and yet I will likely come by and get something again because I am hungry and short on time. Damn you, Pret.

Score: 3/10

Restaurant Review: Angelica Kitchen

Details: Located at 300 East 12th St., New York, NY 10003. Official site is

Had dinner with my level 9000 vegan friend. As a meat eater, it greatly displeases me to eat vegan food, but she’s my friend so I suck it up.

One of the surprisingly annoying parts of eating at strictly vegan restaurants is that most of these places don’t make salads. They’ve got to mix in some fake meat or some sickening sauce to a dish than have some plain vegetables. Salads are just about the only vegan thing I eat of my own volition, so it’s incredibly frustrating when I go to these vegan places and they don’t have freakin’ salad.

Thankfully, Angelica Kitchen does make salads. I ordered a salad with some grilled vegetables and balsamic vinaigrette I think. It was fine. Had some hummus, too now that I think about it. It was fine and exactly as described. My friends also ordered some stuff but I had no interest in remembering what it was since there was no meat in any of it. As often happens, the vegans raved about how good the food was and the omnivores quietly cried into their food.

The interior was fine.

The service was incredibly nice. I’ve noticed that most vegan establishments have really nice service people.

Score: 4.5/10 As a meat eater, I can give no higher score than this. Just having a plain salad pleased me. It wasn’t even a great salad.