Manga Review: Even If Your Mouth Is Torn

Details: Currently ongoing. I’ve read ten issues. Also known as Kuchi ga Saketemo Kimi Niwa and 口が裂けても君には.

Score: 7/10

Even If Your Mouth Is Torn is a romance and slice of life story about a spirit and a young man. It’s very cute.

Miroku is a spirit in the form of a human woman with her mouth slashed open. She goes around scaring people in hopes of spreading her legend. Kouichi is a young man who has fallen in love with Miroku. Together, they form a contract where if Miroku cannot successfully scare Kouichi within a year, she will marry him. Until then, the two live together.

This story was originally a one shot story. Then, three issues came out. Then, it apparently got picked up for a whole series. So I guess it’s achieved some success.

What was hard for me to get over at first was how nasty the spirit looked at first. Her mouth is gruesomely split open and it shows in many scenes. But after a while, you get used to it and appreciate the character underneath. The spirit is actually very cute and you get a lot of scenes like you’d expect to see in your standard romance manga.

The art is good and a fitting style for this often comedic, sweet story.

Overall, I enjoyed this twist on a romance story. Only a few issues have come out, but I’ve enjoyed watching these two characters be sweet to each other.

Movie Review: Yesterday

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Score: 7/10

Yesterday is a romantic comedy that focuses heavily on its premise relating to music of The Beatles. I read somewhere that the majority of its budget was spent getting the rights to play The Beatles’ music and after seeing this movie, that was definitely a necessity for this kind of film. It’s a cute film and a nice excuse to revisit the music of The Beatles.

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Manga Review: The Struggle of a Love Flag Girl

Details: Also known as Renai Flag Zero Joshi no Meisou, 恋愛フラグ女子の迷走, and 恋爱FLAG 女子的迷航

Score: 7.2/10

The Struggle of a Love Flag Girl is a hilarious, self aware manga that plays off all the tropes of a shōjo romance manga.

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Movie Review: Crocodile Dundee

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Score: 7/10

As a kid, I remember watching Crocodile Dundee over and over again on television. It was one of those movies that the networks just put on repeat, multiple times throughout the week. Years later, I strangely could not remember much about the film and decided to refresh my memory and give it another watch. What I found was a classic romantic comedy that is as much a period piece about New York City in the late 1980’s as You’ve Got Mail was of New York City in the late 1990’s.

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