Restaurant Review: Renee’s Kitchenette and Grill

Details: Located at 69-14 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside, NY 11377. You can find an unclaimed Yelp page at

Score: 7.2/10

Renee’s Kitchenette and Grill is one of three popular Filipino restaurants on a single block. This block is located in very Filipino area with a lot of Filipino businesses. I’ve been seeing this specific street on a few Youtubers’ videos so I decided to come down and try some food.

I came here a Saturday afternoon and had a mixed barbecue platter for about twenty-five dollars. It came with some Filipino sausage, a sauced chicken thigh, sauced pork and pork belly. We also got some Shanghai spring rolls and a halo halo at the end.

Everything was great. On the platter, the best things were the barbecue pork and Filipino sausage. The chicken was all right, but average. The pork belly had a very porky smell to it which you normally get from not cooking it enough or leaving it out too long.

The spring rolls were very good and meaty. These aren’t like the spring rolls from Chinese takeout restaurants or those from Vietnamese pho restaurants. These were all or mostly meat.

The halo halo was great. Tons of shaved ice in it. It came in a very tall glass, which actually made it hard to eat. I think I would’ve preferred a bowl.

The staff here was very friendly. The only complaint I had was that they had Fox News playing loudly. I guess these guys are Republicans or Trump supporters. To each their own, but when I go to a restaurant, I go to relax. I don’t want to think about politics.

Overall, this place was great. The staff was friendly and the food was good. When I came, indoor dining was permitted again for New York City restaurants. They did have that temperature gun that takes your temperature when pointed at your forehead, so if you’re feeling hot, you may not be allowed to enter.

Restaurant Review: Doshirak Box

Score: 7/10

We’re living in a post pandemic world. In order for a restaurant in New York City to survive in this environment, it needs to either have outdoor space or delivery and takeout. Doshirak does not have outdoor space, but it does have the fortune to be a primarily takeout and delivery business, even from before the pandemic.

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Restaurant Review: New Curry Leaves

Details: Located at 135-31 40 Rd, Flushing, NY 11354. An unclaimed Yelp page can be found at

Score: 6.8/10

I’ve been here a couple of times and the food is mostly all right. The biggest downside to this restaurant is that there is that Malay Restaurant is few stores down and does everything slightly better for a slightly higher price.

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Restaurant Review: Young’s Dessert Bar

Details: Located at 38-02 Prince St, Queens, NY 11354. An unclaimed Yelp page can be found at

Score: 7.2/10

Young’s Dessert Bar is comfortable place for trendy Asian desserts. That means those Japanese souffle pancakes and the multilayered crepe cakes. There’s also a bunch of other tasty stuff.

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