Snack Review: Ilkwang Raspberry Wine Jelly

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Score: 6.5/10

I reviewed the orange flavor of this candy yesterday. It’s mostly the same. It’s a different flavor, but the texture and sweetness somehow make it taste mostly the same anyways.

Snack Review: Harry & David Raspberry Galette Cookie

The following picture was the only one I took. It does not do justice to how tasty this cookie was.

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Score: 7/10

This is a very delicious cookie. It’s two buttery cookies sandwiching a very sweet, raspberry filling. You can definitely taste that this is a slightly higher quality cookie than your average Nabisco product. It kind of reminded me of the Pepperidge Farm Verona cookies. If I lacked more self control, I’d eat about a dozen of these in a sitting.

Snack Review: Chobani Layered Greek Yogurt Raspberry Lemonade


Score: 7/10

This was pretty good. It was like eating a raspberry lemon cheesecake in a cup. I definitely recommend this yogurt. It is quite sweet though. This is also a limited batch, so they may discontinue it in the future.

Restaurant Review: Il Gelato (Eataly at the World Trade Center, NYC)

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After dinner at La Pizza & La Pasta, we stopped by Il Gelato for some dessert. Thank heavens for this location. If you’ve ever been to the Il Gelato location uptown then you know that the line there is stupidly long. Here however, there were like three people in front of us. Amazing.

We tried the pistachio, the lemon, and the raspberry. Surprisingly, the raspberry was easily my favorite out of all of them. They were all good, but the raspberry was spectacular.

Score: 7/10 Can’t wait to come back and a some of that raspberry gelato. Man was that good.