Instant Noodles Review: Paldo Bul Jjajang


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Score: 6.2/10

This is the Paldo Jjajang noodles, just spicy. I really enjoyed Paldo’s Jjajang noodles already, so this wasn’t that much of a stretch. The only difference is the extreme spiciness that is commonly associated with Paldo instant noodles. So this is good. It has the sweet, now incredibly spicy, sauce with some dried meat and vegetables in it. If you like spicy and jjajang noodles, this is probably the best instant noodles you can get.

Instant Noodles Review: Paldo Stir-Fried Chicken Noodles


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Score: 5.9/10

Like many Korean instant noodles, this particular flavor follows the mantra that all you need to do to make something taste good is to make it spicy as hell. This thing is freakin’ fire, but that’s what makes it decent. Other than the spice level, this thing is pretty average. It is is not as good as some of the other Korean brands of instant noodles. The sauce isn’t great and there isn’t anything in it like freeze dried vegetables or meat.

Snack Review: Samyang Carbo Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen


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Samyang’s Carbo Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen combines the ridiculously hot flavor of their spicy ramen with powdered cheese. The result is a cheesy, burning hot bowl of stir fried noodles.

This stuff is hot, which is the worst part about it. You can’t really taste the cheese. Personally, I hold back on using the whole packet because the cheesy part is pretty good.

Overall, it’s kind of a waste to mix any other flavors along with the spiciness of Samyang’s spicy ramen. That stuff is just too spicy to be able to enjoy the taste of anything other than the spice. You either buy some cheesy ramen or you buy the spicy ramen, not both.

Score: 5.9/10

Snack Review: Samyang Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen


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When I purchased this stuff, I had no idea that this was a kind of ramen that people used to make challenge videos with. I’m not a spicy food aficionado, so when I ate this stuff, the results were catastrophic. It was so spicy it made me physically ill. The good thing is that the heat does go away relatively fast, but it is really spicy. It’s spicy to the point that you can’t really taste anything but the spiciness. I don’t know why they advertised chicken flavor, but it’s not there. What’s interesting is that it’s not just the heat, the actual taste without the heat is spiciness or peppers or something.

Worth mentioning is that this is a stir fried noodle. That means you boil the noodle, empty out most of the water, then pour in a liquid sauce packet and stir fry the thing.

Overall, this is spicy challenge ramen. If you love incredibly spicy things, this is for you. Otherwise, avoid this.

Score: 6/10