Instant Noodles Review: Paldo Bul Jjajang


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Score: 6.2/10

This is the Paldo Jjajang noodles, just spicy. I really enjoyed Paldo’s Jjajang noodles already, so this wasn’t that much of a stretch. The only difference is the extreme spiciness that is commonly associated with Paldo instant noodles. So this is good. It has the sweet, now incredibly spicy, sauce with some dried meat and vegetables in it. If you like spicy and jjajang noodles, this is probably the best instant noodles you can get.

Instant Noodles Review: Paldo Stir-Fried Chicken Noodles


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Score: 5.9/10

Like many Korean instant noodles, this particular flavor follows the mantra that all you need to do to make something taste good is to make it spicy as hell. This thing is freakin’ fire, but that’s what makes it decent. Other than the spice level, this thing is pretty average. It is is not as good as some of the other Korean brands of instant noodles. The sauce isn’t great and there isn’t anything in it like freeze dried vegetables or meat.

Snack Review: Gom Tang Men


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This was really disappointing. Gom Tang is a Korean soup made from bone broth, like tonkatsu ramen broth. It’s supposed to have an almost creamy mouthfeel, with a very subtle taste. This ramen captures none of that. The noodles were too thin and kind of crap. The broth just tasted like your average, cheapest priced ramen, except that Paldo ramen generally cost more than the cheapest priced stuff. Avoid this.

Score: 4/10

Snack Review: Paldo Jja Jang Men, Chajang Noodle


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This is a damn good choice for Korean style jajang instant noodles. The sauce comes in a liquid package, which tastes better than powdered seasoning, but has the shorter shelf life of one year. The liquid package requires the additional step of dumping out most of the water and adding and cooking the sauce packet afterwards. This also adds to the superior taste over instant noodles that rely on powdered seasoning. They also have substantial sized package of vegetables to mix in. This was great.

Score: 7/10

Soft Drink Review: Paldo Aloe


Details: Official site is Bought a small bottle for around two dollars in New York City.

Paldo Aloe drink is a common aloe drink brand and, if you’ve ever had aloe flavored drinks before, is pretty good.

If I were to try and describe aloe flavor, it just taste like a fruit I guess. There is a lot of sugar in this so expect to be about as sweet as any sweetened drink in America. There are also chunks of either aloe or aloe flavored jelly. I enjoy the jellies.

Overall, it’s a good drink.

Score: 7/10