TV Show Review: Legends of Tomorrow, Season Two Episodes One and Two

Legends tomorrow returns for a second season. Last season ended with the deaths of the Time Masters and a member of the Justice Society of America crashing the time machine and giving them a warning.

Season Two picks up about six months after that. The Justice Society of America person who showed up warns them not to go to the year of 1942, then seems to disappear from existence. Afterwards, the team gets in the ship and takes the place of the deceased Time Masters, chasing time criminals and trying to protect the timeline.

As with the first season, this is a fun show. It isn’t meant to be exact, nor is it meant to make a whole lot sense. If you think about it too hard, even within the context of a superhero world where time travel is possible, it all kind of falls apart. Their motivations, the in show logic of their actions, it’s all pretty nonsensical. Even still, if you just take it at face value, enjoy the explosions and the jokes and the running around history, mingling with famous historical figures, then you will have a good time.

Score: 7/10 Look forward to new characters, super nazi’s, and cameos from cast members of The Flash and Arrow. Speaking Nazi’s, I just love when the media portrays over the top Nazi’s, especially when they have super powers. There’s just something about a Nazi officer angrily screaming orders in German that I enjoy. Schnell! Nein!