Fast Food Review: Burger King Original Chicken Sandwich

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Score: 5/10

Burger King’s Original Chicken Sandwich is a sandwich that’s been around since 1979. After watching some YouTube videos, it seems that this sandwich was originally created to appeal to new demographics that had more money to spend. Time has moved on and since the advent of Chik-Fil-A and a whole slew of new, higher quality fast food chicken sandwiches, Burger King’s Original Chicken Sandwich is simply left in the dust.

The Original Chicken Sandwich is about the size of your average fast food sandwich, except elongated, like a sub. It’s still about the same size, just shaped differently. It’s a simple sandwich with an elongated chicken patty in it with a little lettuce and mayo.

The taste… is not good. This is a very dry sandwich. The patty is essentially a giant chicken nugget. Like chicken nuggets, it’s a glued together mess of white chicken meat and formed in the shape of an elongated patty. The mayo helps with the dryness, but there’s not enough mayo. It would really help if they had more mayo or if they just applied a different sauce like a chipotle mayo or aioli. Anything with the same consistency as mayo would do. As it is, it is just too dry and not very appetizing.

The other issue with this sandwich is the price. This sandwich on average costs a little under five dollars. They have deals where you can lower that price to around two the three dollars. For instance, if you buy the 2 for $5 deal it’ll cost about $2.50. I had a coupon where I got two sandwiches and two small fries for $5.00. For those prices, this sandwich may be worth it. However, it is not worth its normal price.

Overall, this is a bad sandwich, especially considering how many better fast food sandwiches are out there now. It’s try, cheap and at best, probably worth less than two dollars. Burger King needs to retire this sandwich or improve on it somehow because it is just not that good. Or they could make it cheaper.

Fast Food Review: Burger King Crispy Chicken Sandwich

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Score: 6/10

Burger King has always had a chicken sandwich, but it was also bad. It was a pasted together patty of chicken meat that tasted like it was pasted together. With the advent of the crispy chicken sandwich wars between fast food brands and the trend of better quality, higher priced fast food, Burger King introduced the Crispy Chicken Sandwich a few years ago in order to add something new to their menu and compete.

This new chicken sandwich is definitely better than their old one (now known as the Original Chicken Sandwich). Unfortunately, it is probably one of the worst when compared to the same quality chicken sandwiches from competing fast food brands. The chicken patty is of lower quality and just doesn’t taste as good. I do like that it comes with lettuce and tomato as many other fast food chicken sandwiches come with barely anything but the chicken.

Overall, this is a still a decent sandwich. It just can’t compete with the chicken sandwiches from the other food chains.