Soft Drink Review: Naked Juice Blue Machine

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Score: 6.5/10

Naked is a brand of soft drink sellers that sell fruit and vegetable juices. I want to say that this is more smoothie than juice, but the packaging labels this as a juice and that’s probably for some legal reason. Suffice it to say, this is a juice.

This drink is marketed as a kind of health drink. The specific drink I had was made mostly with apples and bananas with some blueberry and blackberries as well. In addition, they boosted it by adding some vitamins and fiber to the thing that the fruits did not provide.

It’s a tasty, very sweet drink. I don’t think they added sugar, it’s just that fruit is really sweet and sugary. I get why they brand themselves as juices. This is very sweet.

If not for the price, I would’ve given this a 7/10, but this thing is pricey. For a 15.2 oz bottle, it’s priced around four dollars. That’s… a lot. For about that price, I could by a quart of orange juice. I had a coupon so I paid two dollars, which was far more acceptable to me, but four dollars is still pricey.

Overall, this was nice. I normally wouldn’t buy it because it’s just out of my price range for sugary beverages by about a dollar or two. Still, I did enjoy it.