Tea Review: KIRIN The Meister’s Ceylon Milk Tea Minimal Sugar

Details: Couldn’t find an English web site, but found the corporate website for the parent company that makes this. It’s mostly meant for investors, but it is the company that produces this product. Here it is: https://www.kirinholdings.co.jp/english/

Score: 6.5/10

It may be hard to tell from the picture above but that is actually a somewhat shorter bottle, about two-thirds the height of a standard twenty ounce soft drink bottle. This matters because this particular bottle is the low sugar variety while the taller bottle is the sweetened, sugary version. What’s interesting is that both varieties of this brand’s milk tea actually hold the same amount of tea. One is simply taller and more rectangular while the unsweetened version is shorter, fatter, and more circular in shape.

Of course, if you can read Japanese, then none of this is an issue because you can just read the label. For those of us that cannot, the small round bottle is unsweetened while the taller, box-like bottle is very sweet.

As for the taste of the unsweetened bottle, it’s not bad. Again, there’s little to no sugar, so your just getting the taste of the milk and tea which is not bad.

Overall, I’d buy this again.

Soft Drink Review and Warning: Counterfeit Tiger Sugar Bottled Milk Tea

Details: Official warning from Tiger Sugar on these counterfeit drinks can be found at https://www.facebook.com/tigersugarSGofficial/posts/2708644756039609

Articles on this subject can be found at https://mothership.sg/2020/08/tiger-sugar-fake/ and https://mustsharenews.com/tiger-sugar-counterfeit/

Score: 0/10… because it’s fake.

I was going to write a review for this product until I started to do some internet research. Turns out, this is fake. Tiger Sugar actually doesn’t produce any packaged drinks. All their drinks are sold from their official bubble tea stalls and are made to order. So if you’ve had any Tiger Sugar branded prepackaged products recently, those are all fake and the safety of those products cannot be guaranteed.

This was officially proclaimed on the official Tiger Sugar Facebook of Singapore. There are also a few articles written on the subject I found online. All of these are included in the Details portion of this post above.

As for the taste… it tasted like every other overly sweetened brand of bottled milk tea. Nothing special and probably not safe.

My recommendation is to avoid any bottled, packaged, or plastic wrapped Tiger Sugar products in the supermarket because Tiger Sugar simply doesn’t make anything like that.

Soft Drink Review: Teas’ Tea Latte



Details: Official site is https://teastea.com/products/latte/black-latte. I’ve had the black tea and matcha flavor. Purchased for around three dollars in New York City.

This is a standard milk tea drink. It sweetened so it tastes like bubble tea, except fresh brewed tea is obviously going to taste better. It’s a good option if you want some sweetened milk tea to go.

Score: 6/10