Restaurant Review: Wok to Walk

Details: Located at 684 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10017. Official site is

Score: 6/10

Wok to Walk is an Asian-y American fast food chain that serves primarily fried noodles. Specifically, all the noodles are stir fried in a wok.

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Food Stall Review: Pat LaFrieda, Meat Purveyors

Details: Located at 2 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10121. More information can be found at and

Score: 6/10

This place is a food stall inside Pennsy, a food court in Madison Square Garden. The food was good, but damn expensive.

I got the original black angus steak sandwich for about sixteen dollars. It was pretty damn good for a food court steak sandwich that they reheated on an assembly line convection oven. Unfortunately, it cost SIXTEEN DOLLARS. It wasn’t even that big. Never again.

Overall, it was a good sandwich, but way to expensive to justify the taste and small serving size.

Restaurant Review: 99 Cents Fresh Pizza

Details: Located at 473 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10017.

Score: 5/10

You need to be careful when coming here. I gave the guy a twenty dollar bill, he gave me back eighteen dollars and only gave me my missing dollar when confronted. You could tell from his reaction that this was done on purpose. If you come here, bring exact change.

This place is a dollar for a slice of pizza so you know what you’re getting. It’s trash pizza for cheap. It’s still decent, but pretty trash. I probably won’t come back because there’s another 99 cent pizza place a block away and they didn’t try to steal a dollar from me.

Restaurant Review: Hunan Manor

Details: Located at 339 Lexington Ave #0991, New York, NY 10016. Official site is

Score: 7/10

Hunan Manor is a Chinese restaurant in midtown Manhattan. I thought this was a Chinese takeout place, and while they do do that, this is actually a decent sit in Chinese restaurant. Lots of people come here and from what I saw, the food here is pretty damn good.

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Restaurant Review: Chirp

Details: Located at 369 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001. Official site is

Score: 7/10

Chirp is a Peruvian rotisserie chicken place. There is little to no real differences between Peruvian rotisserie chicken and American rotisserie chicken other than the green sauce.

I came by for lunch and ordered the quarter dark chicken which came with two sides for about ten dollars. I got the salad and sweet plantains (they have two varieties of plantains, sweet and not sweet). Everything was pretty good. It’s kind of like a slightly better Boston Market.

Overall, this is a decently place to grab lunch during the work week. There is also a Pokemon Go Pokestop and Gym right outside for anyone who cares about that sort of thing.