Restaurant Review: Los Tacos No. 1

Details: Located in Chelsea Markets at 75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011. Official site is

Score: 7/10

Los Tacos No. 1 is a taco stand inside Chelsea Markets, which is kind of a food market. Most of the stuff in here is priced for tourists.

The tacos here were pretty good. Nothing extraordinary, but good.

I got the carne asada and the adobada. Both were fine. All tacos cost around three to four dollars. They also give you a choice of tortilla (corn or flour tortilla), though I couldn’t really taste the difference between them.

Overall, an okay place to get some decent tacos. Keep in mind that this is a stand with no place to sit. There’s some public seating areas if you look for them in the hallway, but they are usually packed.

Restaurant Review: Empanada Mama

Details: Located at 765 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019. Official site is

I’ve been to two Empanada Mama restaurants and what always surprises me is that this isn’t a hole in the wall. Maybe the franchise was a hole in the wall at one point, but Empanada Mama is full service restaurant with tables, entrees, and a full bar. With that said, I only really come here for empanadas.

I came by and ordered the Jerk N’ Cheese and the Viagra empanadas. I am aware how sexual these empanadas sound. They both costs about four dollars. The jerk n’ cheese is jerk chicken with swiss cheese I think. The Viagra is a seafood empanada. The jerk n’ cheese was okay. I really liked the Viagra though. That’s what she said.

Overall, this place was fine. I might actually come back and try their more expensive entrees. Additionally, they give plenty of green sauce, which is one of the best parts of this restaurant.

Score: 6.5/10

Restaurant Review: Rancho Tequilieria

Details: Located at 741 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019. Official site is

Rancho Tequilieria is a Mexcian restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen. Though I came by for lunch, the space was warm and seemed like a fun place to come for a drink on a Friday night.

I ordered the carnitas tacos lunch special for around twelve dollars after tax. That’s three carnitas tacos, a small side salad and a side order of rice and beans. While I appreciate the sides, the tacos were tiny… which I’m coming to expect from Mexican places in Manhattan.

Overall, this place was okay, but I don’t think I’d come back. Tiny tacos are always disappointing.

Score: 6/10

Restaurant Review: La Lotteria

Details: Located at 29 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014. The official site is

Often times when I visit a Mexican restaurants that isn’t low-end or extremely high-end, I feel ripped off. Tacos are either overpriced, undersized, or both. It’s just a taco, one of the simplest, cheapest to make foods on the planet. When you start charging over three dollars for a taco or if you start shrinking them to teeny tiny serving sizes, you are generally screwing up tacos. The tacos at La Lotteria, though overpriced by this measure, are still better than most (maybe all) other middle range Mexican restaurants I’ve had in Manhattan.

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