Fast Food Review: McDonald’s Mighty Hot Sauce

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Score: 7/10

The last time I tried to get my hands on this sauce, they were sold out for weeks. I eventually tried to get this stuff again and was finally successful.

McDonald’s Mighty Hot Sauce is a hot sauce served specifically with their spicy chicken nuggets. I’m not entirely sure, but I think you can only get this stuff if you order spicy chicken nuggets. In any case, I ordered some spicy chicken nuggets and got this stuff too.

The most unique thing about this sauce is the sweetness. It’s a lot like McDonalds other spicy sauce, the sweet chili sauce. I looked at the ingredients and the sweetness comes mostly from apricots. Additionally, the sauce is much hotter than the sweet chili sauce. I don’t know if the sauce itself is very hot, the spicy nuggets are very hot, or the combination of the two was very hot, but it was pretty spicy for me (though I have a relatively low spice tolerance). It was so spicy, that the spice lingered and turned my Big Mac into a spicy Big Mac (which wouldn’t be a bad idea for future McDonald’s products). I think that’s a good thing, as there already are a lot of spicy fast food sauces. Making a spicy sauce that is substantially hotter than comparable fast food spicy sauces is a good idea and distinguishes McDonald’s. Of course, it is spicier only in my opinion. I wonder how other people who are more accustomed to spicy food will feel about it.

Overall, it a good sauce, but a not a good justification for ordering the spicy nuggets (I’ve reviewed the spicy nuggets in the past and basically feel that they are not worth it). If you can get the sauce with some regular nuggets, it’ll still be good.

Fast Food Review: McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Fish Sandwich

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Score: 6.5/10

McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish is the kind of thing you’d expect to see served at an inner city public high school. It’s plain, frozen and fried. It’s a little depressing to look at because it’s just fish with cheese on bread. And yet I often order this… mostly because there are not any other cheap, non-beef options on the menu. Sometimes, I want fast food and I don’t want a burger. The Filet-O-Fish is the only real option on the menu.

Normally, this item costs over five dollars. Thankfully, recent deals have lowered the average price I pay for one of these things to about three dollars. Even then, I don’t think it’s that good. There’s nothing fresh on this thing. It’s a frozen fish patty they deep fried. I wish they’d put veggies on it, like Burger King does, but I realize a lot of customers might not like that. It’s also really small. It’s a tiny sandwich about the same size as a McDouble, except it’s fish so it’s less filling than beef… at least it feels that way.

Overall, I find this sandwich depressing. Every time I eat one of these, it’s because I’m too hungry, tired and lazy to think of something else to eat. Every time I finish eating a Filet-O-Fish, I obtain renewed determination to quit the trash that is fast food.

Fast Food Review: McDonald’s Caramel Iced Coffee

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Score: 7.2/10

Every week (or maybe every day) I get a coupon in my McDonald’s app where I can get a coffee of any size for one dollar. Usually, I get a large ice coffee with caramel flavor… for one dollar. And it tastes pretty good. I mean, it is obscenely sweet, but that’s what I wanted when I asked for caramel. I can’t think of any of other business or franchise that will sell me a decently tasting large ice coffee with heavy caramel flavor shots for only a dollar. For that reason alone, I think McDonald’s coffee is better than every other coffee place in my area, including places like Starbucks. As long as the price, size, and flavor remain the same, McDonald’s will be my go to spot for ice coffee.

Fast Food Review: McDonald’s Big Mac

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Score: 6.3/10

I recently had a Big Mac and I was just disappointed. I read somewhere that a cost cutting measure many business go through is to keep prices about the same and make serving sizes smaller. It seems like that’s what they did with the Big Mac.

From what I could tell, the Big Mac was noticeably smaller than Big Mac’s I’ve had before. Maybe if was just my imagination, but the quantity of food with this sandwich was unsatisfying.

As for taste, you’re pretty much getting a Big Mac if you like the taste of thousand island dressing. That’s what the secret sauce tastes like to me. If you don’t like thousand island dressing, there’s no reason to get a Big Mac.

Overall, I would not get a Big Mac unless there was a special deal for it. Last time I got one, I used a coupon for it and it cost me two dollars. Otherwise, I would never order it.

Fast Food Review: McDonald’s Spicy Chicken McNuggets

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Score : 5.8/10

All fast food chicken nuggets are pretty much the same. They take the nastiest parts of the chicken, like the toenails internal organs and whatever other scraps, then mash them together into a paste and then shape them into nuggets. They’re all made the same way and they all taste mostly the same. The only issue when it comes to fast food chicken nuggets is the price. In this regard, McDonald’s fails.

In my neighborhood, you can buy six spicy nuggets for $2.99, ten nuggets for about $4.99, twenty nuggets for about $6.69 (they will not let you order this after midnight) and forty pieces for $12.99 (strangely, they have no problem with an order of this size after midnight). Thus, the best deal is to order twenty nuggets at a time (before midnight). However, I am never in the mood to eat twenty nuggets. I usually just want a single serving to go with my combo meal.

For comparison, at Wendy’s, you can get a four piece spicy chicken nuggets for $1.29, a six piece for for $1.79 and a ten piece for $3.09. The pricing is vastly superior (if you order twenty at Wendy’s, the cost is about the same) and the taste is pretty much the same.

Oh and I can’t tell you about the sauce that was supposed to come with the nuggets because they ran out. Of course they ran out. They run out of every promotion they’ve ever come up with. Why even bother.

In conclusion, buying spicy chicken nuggets at McDonald’s is stupid unless you are buying at least twenty, which you can only do before midnight. For that reason, McDonald’s fails in the spicy chicken nugget department.