Snack Review: Entenmann’s Louisiana Crunch Cake

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Score: 7/10

Entenmann’s Louisiana Crunch Cake simply takes the standard Entenmann’s loaf or bundt cake and covers it in frosting, kind of like a glazed donut. This is a heavy, extremely sweet cake where you can feel the sugar and butter coursing through your veins after eating it. Because of how unhealthy this thing is, it is also very delicious and deeply satisfying in that blood sugar, blood pressure destroying way. There’s also some citrus flavor laced throughout the cake which tastes like it comes from either some lemon or from the coconut present in the frosting. Not sure which.

Overall, this is an extremely sweet, heavy cake that you should not eat if you have blood sugar problems, cholesterol problems, or if you don’t like extremely sweet/buttery things. Otherwise, feel free to enjoy.