Fast Food Review: Papa John’s Garlic Knots

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Score: 4.5/10

When considering the price of Papa John’s Garlic Knots, there will clearly never be a time where I want to order these things. It’s simply too expensive. Where I live, there are a lot of pizzerias and all of them have garlic knots. Normally, you can get four or five garlic knots for around one to two dollars. Papa John’s garlic knots are eight pieces for about five dollars. That makes no sense considering who they’re competing against.

As for the taste, their pretty good. There isn’t a big variation between one places garlic knots and any other places garlic knots. Garlic Knots are simply pieces of pizza dough, tied into a knot and covered in garlic and oil. That’s it. There’s no reason these things should cost more than double their competitors.

Overall, these weren’t bad, but there’s no reason for me to ever buy any considering where I live. If you live somewhere where the Papa John’s is the only place you can get garlic knots, I still would not get this. It’s just tied up pizza dough.