Video Game Review: Final Fantasy XIII

Details: Originally released in 2009. Spent about fifty-seven hours beating the game and playing through side quests. Official site is

Score: 7.3/10

Final Fantasy XII is a notorious game. Many long time Final Fantasy fans point to this game as the exact moment the franchise went into the trash. I finally got a chance to play the game and there are many flaws. Even still, I enjoyed the game and found it to be a solid role playing game. I think the main issue is that most fans went into this game expecting a 10/10, when it’s really more of a 7.3/10.

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Video Game Review: Persona 5

Details: Originally released in 2016 for the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. I played it on the Playstation 3. I beat the game in about ninety-five hours. The game received an M rating, so it’s for those 17 years old or older. More information can be found at the official site at

Score: 8.8/10

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 was easily my favorite Playstation 2 game by a wide margin. It combined the gameplay mechanics of a Final Fantasy game, a dating sim/visual novel, and a Pokemon game into an epic, maturely told adventure. Like how the Shin Megami Tensei preamble was dropped from the game title, Persona 5 refines the formula, cutting out things that didn’t work and adding a ton of refinements to this franchise’s formula.

It is no exaggeration to say that at the time of this review’s writing, Persona 5 is very likely the greatest turn based role playing game of all time, the greatest Japanese role playing game of all time, and perhaps even just the greatest role playing game of all time… or at least one of the greatest. With that said, this game definitely belongs to its genre. If you like Japanese role playing games and anime, I simply cannot recommend this game enough.

The only story spoilers ahead will be a brief synopsis of the first fifteen minutes of the game. The average time to beat the game as per is around 100 hours, so that’s not much.

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