Snack Review: Aji Fruit Jelly Grape Flavor

Details: Found the official Hong Kong site for the company, which is in English, but runs Adobe Flash, which Google does not support… so… here it is:

Here’s another site of a similar product, except that it is of grape and passion fruit. The one I’m reviewing here is only grape:

Score: 6.8/10

Fruit jellies are a snack commonly eaten by children in east Asia apparently. I saw these in a local Chinese supermarket and decided to give them a try.

Inside each bag are more individually packaged jellies. Here’s and image of the individually packaged jellies below.

These things are basically just individually packaged Jello. The one I got was grape flavored and it was pretty good.

What’s interesting is that these don’t need to be refrigerated. They keep at room temperature. With that said, I still enjoy my Jello cold and I enjoy these things cold as well.

Overall, this was a decent snack. I don’t know if I’d buy it again as just buying a box of powdered Jello provides more for me to eat. Still, if you’re going on a road trip, these things will do just fine.

Snack Review: Ilkwang Jeju Tangerine Jelly

Details: The first search result I found was the following:

Score: 6.5/10

This isn’t bad, but it’s very different from the American fruit snacks I had as a kid. The main difference is the texture. The American fruit snacks I had growing up had more chew to them. This… is like eating a hardened kind of Jello. I’d say it got a lot more in common with a Turkish delight, but without the powdered sugar covering it. It’s less jelly, more gel. It lacks the chewiness or bounciness that I think Western consumers would expect. I certainly didn’t expect it.

Overall, this was not bad, but different.