Snack Review: Ilkwang Raspberry Wine Jelly

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Score: 6.5/10

I reviewed the orange flavor of this candy yesterday. It’s mostly the same. It’s a different flavor, but the texture and sweetness somehow make it taste mostly the same anyways.

Snack Review: Ilkwang Jeju Tangerine Jelly

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Score: 6.5/10

This isn’t bad, but it’s very different from the American fruit snacks I had as a kid. The main difference is the texture. The American fruit snacks I had growing up had more chew to them. This… is like eating a hardened kind of Jello. I’d say it got a lot more in common with a Turkish delight, but without the powdered sugar covering it. It’s less jelly, more gel. It lacks the chewiness or bounciness that I think Western consumers would expect. I certainly didn’t expect it.

Overall, this was not bad, but different.