Snack Review: Hot Pockets Sandwiches Pepperoni Pizza

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Score: 6.4/10

Hot Pockets get the job done when you’re starving, they just aren’t very big nor are they very good. Melted cheese is one of those ingredients that easily improves any food and I think they doubled down on that here.

I purchased this item simply to throw in my freezer and save for days where I was starving and didn’t want to go outside. That’s it. Hot Pockets aren’t delicious, they are desperate. This is desperation food. You eat this when you are absorbed in a video game and refuse to leave your seat. You eat this when there’s a blizzard or pandemic going on and all businesses are closed. You don’t eat this when there are a ton of other options available.

I bought a box of these where each individual pocket costs a little over a dollar. I have no idea whether that is or is not a good price. I think it’s decent since the average price a slice of pizza in New York City has risen to about three dollars, though there are many places that still sell the $1 slice.

Overall, don’t buy these if you want something tasty. Buy these things for the days when your desperate.