Restaurant Review: Jamba Juice

Details: Located at too many places around New York City. The official site is

Jamba Juice is a franchise that primarily sells fruit juices and iced smoothies. It’s mostly marketed towards health conscious people.

I’ve tried a number of things from here, but I generally just pick stuff from their classic menu. Smoothies from this part of the menu either have sherbet or yogurt in them. Smoothies here generally cost around five to ten dollars. It’s very sweet, but cold and good on a hot day.

They have other stuff, like yogurt bowls and even sandwiches. None of those items seem appealing to me.

Overall, it’s a good place to get smoothies. I’d complain about the price, but after looking at smoothie prices at other places in Manhattan, the pricing at Jamba Juice is decent.

Score: 7/10