Fast Food Review: McDonald’s Big Mac

Details: Official site is

Score: 6.3/10

I recently had a Big Mac and I was just disappointed. I read somewhere that a cost cutting measure many business go through is to keep prices about the same and make serving sizes smaller. It seems like that’s what they did with the Big Mac.

From what I could tell, the Big Mac was noticeably smaller than Big Mac’s I’ve had before. Maybe if was just my imagination, but the quantity of food with this sandwich was unsatisfying.

As for taste, you’re pretty much getting a Big Mac if you like the taste of thousand island dressing. That’s what the secret sauce tastes like to me. If you don’t like thousand island dressing, there’s no reason to get a Big Mac.

Overall, I would not get a Big Mac unless there was a special deal for it. Last time I got one, I used a coupon for it and it cost me two dollars. Otherwise, I would never order it.

Fast Food Review: Burger King’s Whopper

Details: Official site is

Score: 7/10

The Whopper is a surprisingly good burger, but I have to factor in a few things specific to my situation. Firstly, I usually never pay more than three dollars for a Whopper even though it is priced at over five dollars. If you use the app, there is almost always a deal for a Whopper for three dollars. Recently, every Wednesday they give out a deal where you can get a Whopper for two dollars. Even further, there is usually a deal in the app for a Double Whopper for also three dollars. It’s just good deals all around.

What I also like about the Whopper is that it feel like a big sandwich. When compared to McDonald’s Big Mac, it is at least a wider sandwich. The Big Max is still a taller sandwich. Overall, the Whopper still feels like a bigger sandwich, which is amazing considering that it is far cheaper if you use all the deals for it.

As for the taste, this is just a good burger. It’s a standard, fast food burger with ketchup and mayo (something I enjoy) and a ton of vegetables (lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles). This is another factor that makes it superior to the Big Max in my opinion because they dress up the Whopper so much in comparison.

Ultimately, if you want a Whopper, get the Burger King App and never spend more than three dollars for this burger again. Of course, this depends largely on where you live and what deals are available to you.

Restaurant Review: Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Details: I went to the one near Rockerfeller Center in New York City, but there are lots of locations all over the city. Official site is

So I’ve reviewed a number of fast casual burger places and it’s about time to review this place. Five Guys is burger and fries place that also serves hot dogs. The main difference between this place and the others in New York City are that they serve boxes of peanuts for free, many of the toppings are free (not bacon), and the style of their fries is a little different.

When I come here, I normally order a cheeseburger all the way (has all of their free toppings) and an order of their fries, either Cajun or regular. The burger is about as good as a Shake Shack burger or slightly worse. The fries however, are probably the best fries out of all fast casual burger places in this price range. They are thick cut and fried as their ordered. You can get some Cajun spices sprinkled onto it or just have the regular old salt. What I love about Five Guys is that after they put your order into a brown paper bag, they then take a scoop of more fries and dump it into the bag. This turns the bag into a greasy mess, but it’s nice that they give you more than enough fries than is necessary. Normally, I have trouble polishing off a regular sized order of fries.

The price for a cheese burger all the way and an order of regular fries is around fifteen dollars. That puts the price at just about the same range as Shake Shack.

So which is better? Shake Shack or Five Guys? I would say that Shake Shack has slightly better hamburgers, while Five Guys has far better fries. So, either is all right depending on what your feeling.

Score: 6.5/10

Restaurant Review: Hendricks

Details: Located at 557 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10016. Official site is

The website of Hendricks says “High Quality Ingredients.” Well, even if the ingredients were high quality, the food wasn’t that good.

Came here with a friend. I ordered the lamb meatloaf which came with mashed potatoes and vegetables. My friend ordered the black Angus burger that came with fries and garlic mayo.

The burger was good he said, as were the fries. My vegetables and mashed potatoes were good. The meat loaf was pretty terrible. It tasted like a loaf of the gyro meat you’d get from a halal cart off the side of the street, which wasn’t what I wanted. It was pretty bad.

The waitress was nice. The interior was also nice.

Score: 4/10 I thought a bit about how I felt about this place and I’ve concluded that this place was not great. I feel like I ordered the wrong thing and that there is better stuff on the menu. However, they put that meat loaf on the menu and should stand by it. Accordingly, this place gets a four out of ten.