Frozen Food Review: Wellsley Farms Cocktail Beef Franks Wrapped In Puff Pastry

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Score: 6.9/10

These are just your average cocktail beef franks. Nothing special, nothing terrible. The only complaint I have about these things is that after you bake them, they are not visually appealing. The instructions state to place each beef frank on the baking tray seam side down. This is likely to prevent the puff pastry separating from the beef frank. Unfortunately, there were almost always about half my beef franks were not fully wrapped by the puff pastry after baking, even though I followed the instructions and they were all fully wrapped before baking. This is likely due to an insufficient amount of puff pastry used in wrapping each beef frank.

This is admittedly a minor complaint and does not take away from the product as a whole. If you want beef franks and don’t care about how they look, this will do just fine.

Frozen Food Review: Wellsley Farms Artisan Appetizers

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Score: 6.9/10

Artisan Appetizers are part of BJ’s own Wellsley Farms brand of products that they exclusively sell in their own stores. The quality of these products are usually pretty good and the prices reasonable. This applies to this item as well.

Worth mentioning is that this — like with most of these frozen appetizers — requires an oven. Microwaves are not able to prepare this the way it was intended. Toaster or convection ovens are also not useful.

As with most baking, you need to decide whether it’s done by looking at it. Not all ovens are the same and if you rely solely on the recommended baking time, it may end up over or under cooked.

The product itself comes with three baking-safe trays, each filled with a different type of appetizer: apple fig brie; cheese and caramelized onion; and chicken pot pie. Each individual appetizer is comprised of filling set in puff pasty.

The onion and cheese one is mostly just cheese. It tastes like a cheese ball with little to no onion flavor. This was very easy easy to overcook. I recommend following the stated bake time strictly.

The apple fig brie is pretty good in that you can really taste the apple/fig and the brie. There’s a tiny bit of apple, more fig puree/jam, and a lot of brie cheese. It’s a good combination as the tanginess of the brie goes well with the sweetness of the apple/fig. When I followed the baking time, it came out a little under cooked. I recommend overcooking past the recommended time for a few minutes.

The chicken pot pie was the plainest of the three. It just taste like a slightly under seasoned chicken pot pie. Nothing above average and nothing terrible about it.

Overall, this was pretty good, but I’m not sure I would purchase it again. It is certainly convenient if you’re having a small party, especially considering that it comes in ready to bake trays. The taste just isn’t amazing. I could eat may be one or two of each flavor before not wanting to eat anymore. On the other hand, this may be exactly what you’d want as an appetizer. You don’t want something your guests will go to town on. You want something they will lightly snack on before the main course.

Frozen Food Review: White Castle Cheeseburgers

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Score: 6/10

White Castle burgers generally aren’t that great. I enjoy them mostly because of the novelty and their convenient, small size. It makes it really easy to eat lots of burgers in a short time.

Anyways, these frozen burgers are impressive in that these frozen burgers taste just like the burgers you’d get from a White Castle restaurant. What’s not impressive is that this is probably because the burgers aren’t very good in the first place… so there’s not a lot of quality to be lost in the freezing process.

Overall, if you like White Castle, the frozen burgers are fine. The main issue with these burgers is that White Castle burgers generally suck, frozen or not.