Fast Food Review: Burger King Chicken Fries

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Score: 6.8/10

Burger King’s Chicken fries are basically long chicken nuggets. They taste the same, offer the same texture and are priced about the same. At least when I purchased them, I used a coupon that priced them about the same. Even still, I think I’d rather just have nuggets because they are a lot easier to dip and eat in my opinion. It’s still mostly the same thing.

Restaurant Review: Spanky’s Food Factory

Details: Located at 2458 Jericho Turnpike, Garden City Park, NY 11040. Official site is

I came here for lunch one day. I ordered a cheese burger with fries and a coke, which all came out to a little over twelve dollars. Everything was good and I was surprised to see a double cheeseburger was the default size.

Everyone who works here was pretty nice.

Overall, an okay place to get fatty foods like buffalo wings, burgers and milkshakes. They got a bunch of other stuff too like cheese steaks and various stuff over fries. It was a bit pricey though. For these prices, I expect a Shake Shack quality burger, and this wasn’t quite that good. I probably wouldn’t come back and would instead opt for Cherry Valley if I wanted some food that was fatty and sinks to the bottom of your stomach.

Score: 7/10

Restaurant Review: Fuku+

Details: Located at 15 W. 56th Street, First Floor, New York, NY 10019. Official site is

Fuku+ is a small bar under the Momofuku brand name. There’s some seating, but not a lot.

I came here to try their spicy fried chicken sandwich and fries. The spicy fried chicken sandwich costs eight dollars and consists of a friend chicken patty (tasted like dark meat) with pickles on a potato bun. It came with their Ssam sauce on the side, which mostly tasted like Korean gochujang sauce. I kind of wish they had some mayo or aioli type sauce on the sandwich, but it was fine even though the sandwich itself had no sauce on it. Fries were three dollars and average.

Overall, this is just your standard bar food. Nothing extraordinary, nor do I think it was intended as such. Just your average small bar inside a hotel. Additionally, there’s a Momofuku Milk Bar in front of the place, but bring credit card if you want some dessert because that’s all they take.

Score: 5.2/10

Restaurant Review: Steak ‘n Shake

Details: Located at 1695 Broadway, New York, NY 10019. The official site is

As far as I know, this is the only Steak ‘n Shake in New York City. A friend from the midwest was extolling the virtues of this place so I decided to give it a try.

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Restaurant Review: In-N-Out Burger

Details: Located at 3102 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110. The official site is

I’ve finally visited the much vaunted In-N-Out Burger. As an east coaster, I’ve never really had the chance to try In-N-Out.

I ordered the Double-Double (cheeseburger with two beef patties, lettuce, tomato, and mayo) and the animal style fries (“secret” but not so secret fries topped with chopped grilled onions and a thousand island type sauce). The burger was under $4.00 and the fries were under $4.00, too.

When it comes to burgers, Shake Shack is usually the hamburger I use to compare with other burgers and currently my favorite fast casual burger in New York. Compared to Shake Shack, the Shake Shack burger comes out slightly on top. The fries were about as good as Shake Shack.

However, when considering the price, In-N-Out is easily superior to Shake Shack. Everything at Shake Shack costs around five to ten dollars. The fact that In-N-Out can price a fast casual burger and fries at under four dollars a piece is nothing more than miraculous.

Overall, the taste and quality of the burger and fries at Shake Shack and In-N-Out are about the same. When price is considered however, In-N-Out is clearly far better than Shake Shack. It’s a shame then that In-N-Out is a west coast thing and will likely not be coming to the east coast in the future to compete with Shake Shack.

Score: 7.5/10