Restaurant Review: Dek Sen

Details: Located at 86-08 Whitney Ave, Queens, NY 11373. A claimed Yelp page can be found at

Score: 7.4/10

Dek Sen is a great Thai place with good common Thai dishes, but also some great desserts.

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Restaurant Review: Guo’s Restaurant

Details: Located at 83-29 Broadway, Elmhurst, NY 11373. Official site is

Score: 7/10

Guo’s restaurant is like one of those new Chinese restaurants (and there are many) which sells every single trending food item among Chinese people right now. That means hot pot and mala tang, hand pulled noodles, skewers and a bunch of wok fried dishes. I think this place markets itself as a north eastern Chinese restaurant.

We came here and ordered the bean paste noodles and a mala tang. The noodles was seven dollars and the mala tang was over ten I think. The mala tang was okay. The noodles were great and were the exact style of zha jiang noodles that I prefer; they were drier and less saucy than other varieties.

The interior looked like it was redecorated relatively recently. It’s nice.

Service was about as bad as you’d expect from your average Chinese restaurant. If your a fan of authentic Chinese food, you’re just going to have to get used to bad service and dirty restaurants.

Overall, this place was okay. I’d come back to try other stuff on the menu… if it was convenient. You need to keep in mind that there are a ton of new Chinese restaurant with skewers, noodles, hot pot and a few wok-stir fried dishes. If it’s convenient to go somewhere else, I will, because the food here is common and everywhere.

Restaurant Review: The Cheesecake Factory

Details: Located at 90-15 Queens Blvd, Elmhurst, NY 11373. Official site is

Score: 6.7/10

I love The Cheesecake Factory. The score above represents how I feel about the quality/taste of the food relative to other places I’ve been eating at recently, but I still love The Cheesecake factory. It’s mainly because I never had it growing up. I visited my first Cheesecake Factory when I was a full on adult. While the food isn’t great, there are few things that taste like unabashed Americana. The food is mostly derivative. The ethnic items sound and taste like what an American would attempt to make if he knew nothing about that ethnicity’s food. The vast majority of items on the menu are either deep fried, frozen, or both. It’s just the perfect combination of scam and trash that perfectly encapsulates what America is all about. And I love it.

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Food Stall Review: Mama’s Kitchen

Details: Located in the food court at 8202 45th Ave, Flushing, NY 11373. A Yelp page can be found at

Score: 6/10

Came here and ordered a white colored spicy soup with fish in it with a side of I think spinach cooked with garlic. Food was just okay. I think we ordered the wrong thing. It cost somewhere between twenty and thirty dollars. We also got some free ice cream because we ordered over twenty dollars… I think.

People working here were really nice.

Based on what we ordered, I would not come back. There are other things on the menu that looked good though.

Restaurant Review: Joju (Elmhurst, NY)

Official site:

The first time I had Joju was from a left over half sandwich in my friends fridge. I don’t know if it was the hunger, but it was damn good. After a visit to Joju’s Elmhurst location, I now know it wasn’t hunger. The sandwiches at Joju are damn good.

With that said, it is just a Vietnamese sandwich. There are many places strewn across the city who make comparable Vietnamese sandwiches. So what differentiates this place from others? A few additional options really. Also the price is fantastic as it’s about six dollars for a full sandwich (not half sandwich). This includes sandwiches like pork belly. It was so cheap I thought I was paying for a half sandwich.

As for these additional options, they have your standard ham and head cheese that you can get anywhere. They also have bulgogi, bbq pork, and pork belly (my personal favorite). There are also specialty fries (kim chi and banh mi) but after trying them, they aren’t extraordinary. Just some fries that taste like the sandwiches. The also have other appetizers and chicken wings (which were really over breaded). Ultimately, the sandwiches are the only thing here that are worth buying in my opinion.

Score: 6.7/10 Great place. The prices are great. Worth a visit.