Restaurant Review: Hibachi Express 1

Details: Located at 4 Cortlandt St, New York, NY 10007. Official site is

Came here for a quick lunch. Got the chicken which came with rice and cooked vegetables. It’s pretty much the same as the chicken teriyaki you’d expect from the food court at a mall. Wasn’t great, but wasn’t terrible. Cost around eight to nine dollars. They also have beef, shrimp, and tofu if you want that. Portions were smaller than I’d have liked.

Score: 4.5/10

Restaurant Review: Bento Sushi & Noodles

Details: Located at 173 Broadway, New York, NY 10007. Couldn’t find an official site so here’s the yelp page:

Came here for a quick lunch. Got the beef rice bowl for around nine dollars I think. It wasn’t great, but it was fast. They have some bad sushi and noodles if you want that.

Score: 4.5/10

Restaurant Review: Il Pesce


Details: Located at 4 World Trade Center, 101 Liberty Street, Floor 3, New York, NY 10007. Official site is

Came back to Eataly for a third time and, to be honest, I was getting a little tired of it. We went to Il Pesce, a place that specializes in seafood or fish.

Somewhat ironically, we did not order any of the major fish dishes. We just ordered their three pasta dishes, a squid ink pasta with mussels in a white wine sauce, a crab meat pasta, and a tomato sauce pasta with anchovies I think. All were very good as pasta usually is.

As unusual as it sounds, I just could not lean towards a fish dish at a place that specializes in fish for one primary reason: I do not like how the western world prepares fish. I’ve had good western fish (a bronzino comes to mind). However, in my opinion, the best preparations of fish are either from eastern Asian countries or take inspiration from eastern Asian countries. I’ve seen  contemporary Western restaurants make good fish dishes, but they seem to take inspiration from the rawness of eastern Asian or Japanese cuisine. The best fish dishes I’ve ever had have been undoubtedly from eastern Asian restaurants. So when I see fish on the menu in a western restaurant, I can’t help but hesitate from ordering it.

Score: 6/10 Pasta was good. Freshest pasta I’ve ever had in New York City is from Eataly.

Restaurant Review: Il Gelato (Eataly at the World Trade Center, NYC)

Official site:

After dinner at La Pizza & La Pasta, we stopped by Il Gelato for some dessert. Thank heavens for this location. If you’ve ever been to the Il Gelato location uptown then you know that the line there is stupidly long. Here however, there were like three people in front of us. Amazing.

We tried the pistachio, the lemon, and the raspberry. Surprisingly, the raspberry was easily my favorite out of all of them. They were all good, but the raspberry was spectacular.

Score: 7/10 Can’t wait to come back and a some of that raspberry gelato. Man was that good.

Restaurant Review: La Pizza & La Pasta (Eataly at World Trade Center, NYC)

Official site:

Came here the week after Eataly downtown’s grand opening. I have to say that in many ways, this Eataly is far better than the one uptown. This is largely because it is crowded, but far less crowded than the uptown Eataly. Further, there were little to no lines or tourists. It was incredible. The uptown Eataly is a mad house, always packed and lines going around the store.

The views are also incredible. The World Trade Center area is slowly but surely entering completion and as the construction crews and cranes pull away, the area shows it’s undoubtedly beautiful appearance.

Now for the restaurant. The first thing you should know about La Pizza & La Pasta is that they don’t take reservations. First come first serve in this place. The wait was about forty minutes, which was fine since we walked around and looked at all the other stuff in the store.

The view is spectacular. Definitely get a window seat if you can.

Service was spotty, but they have only been open for a week so it was to be expected. Waiter was a nice guy though.

The food was fantastic. We both had the Tagliatelle con Ragu di Manzo. It’s just long noodles with brisket, Parmigiano Reggiano, and parsley in a tomato sauce. The brisket was pretty good, but those noodles were damn fresh. I don’t know if it was all in my head or if it was objectively true, but those noodles were some of the best I’ve ever had. I’m not sure I’ve had fresher. Just the right amount of chewiness.

Score: 7/10 Looking forward to coming back.