Video Game Review: Disgaea RPG

Details: Played for a couple of days since launch. More information can be found at

Score: 6/10

Disgaea RPG is new, auto-battling gacha game based on the Disgaea video game franchise. Unfortunately, this game was just too generic for me and offered little to nothing to keep me interested. I already play a few similar gacha games and there’s no reason to play yet another one when it offers nothing new.

From what I can tell, Disgaea RPG takes place in a fantasy world where demon and other villainous creatures aspire to be the greatest villain. In the pursuit of that idea, they get into a lot of comedic adventures. Disgaea RPG is mostly a comedy and doesn’t take itself that seriously.

Gameplay is about as generic as a gacha game can be. This is a turn based role playing game where you get into an instanced battle, then take turns hitting each other, casting spells, etc. While you can directly control your characters, most of your time will probably be spent using the auto battle function where you just hit a button and your characters do all the battling for you.

I think one of the reasons why the commonplace gameplay features in this game didn’t grab me while other gacha games have is because of the lack of innovation, the lack of multiplayer, its not that special visually, and I didn’t care much for the story. Disgaea RPG does almost nothing new. While the Disgaea series is known for allowing players to level up to astronomic heights and deal immense numbers of damage, that still distills down to the basic gacha gameplay formula of leveling a character, promoting a character, then doing it again and again and again. Disgaea RPG gives this a slightly different label, but it’s the same basic function.

The lack of multiplayer is also not helping my lack of interest because the main reason players care about how powerful their characters is to compete with other players. Without that urgency, any need to progress is far less meaningful.

The other reason players feel compelled to play gacha games like this is to collect characters. Usually, playing a game provides resources with which to gamble on new characters through its gacha mechanics. However, the characters in this game so far were mostly unappealing to me. No character was visually impressive nor was there an overpowered character that could easily get me through the current content. There was simply no reason for me to roll for new characters and without that justification, I felt no reason to play the game.

While the game isn’t the best looking game, it certainly isn’t bad looking. It’s a stylized, cartoony look that anyone familiar with the franchise would recognize. It just also isn’t very exciting.

Which also doesn’t help with the story since it is told in that overused, visual novel style that I hate. I simply don’t care about your story if you use a static image, visual novel style and don’t fully voice the scenes.

The music was pretty good and what voice acting was there was also nice.

Overall, this is a gacha game I simply felt no compulsion to play. It offers nothing new nor does it do any of the old things better than the other existing, competing mobile games. I gave it a couple days of my time, but I just ended up uninstalling it. I will say, I did enjoy the bits of humor I found throughout the game. Unfortunately, that was not enough to keep me playing.