Food Stall Review: Dim Sum Garden Express

Details: Here is an unclaimed Yelp page:

Score: 7/10

With the coming of the pandemic, take out now reigns supreme if you want to eat out. As such, all food related business have either adapted to a take out model or gone out of business. Dim Sum Garden Express is a new food stall that specifically does this. Don’t be fooled by the compact nature of the food stall. The dim sum food here is cheaper than almost all of their competitors in the area while maintaining a level of quality about equal with those competitors as well.

They serve your standard dim sum stuff. Steamed roast pork buns, egg tarts, sticky rice rice in lotus leaf and siu mai are a few of the standard dim sum dishes they serve here.

What’s noteworthy about the dishes here is that the taste and quality is about equal to the other, big name dim sum restaurants in the area. What makes this place superior is that the price is lower. Take the sticky rice in lotus leaf for instance. The price of one of these things is usually around two to three dollars. Here, the price is about $1.75 if I remember correctly. That’s the price I used to pay for this item in 2012. It’s a good deal.

Worth mentioning is that like any bakery, the food you get here is best early in the morning and only gets worse as the day progresses. That’s because they make most of their food in the morning and keep it warm and let it sit afterwards. I recommend coming early in the morning if you want the food to be at its tastiest.

Overall, this is an average quality dim sum place with better than average dim sum price.