Fast Food Review: McDonald’s New Crispy Chicken Sandwich

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Score: 7/10

McDonald’s has a lot of crispy chicken sandwiches and now they’ve come out with yet another. The New Crispy Chicken Sandwich is… amazing. It is damn good. I wanted to hate this thing, but it’s one of the best fast food chicken sandwiches out there.

You need to keep in mind that timing matters when it comes to food. How recently was it fried? Is it cold? Stuff like that has a big impact on taste. Your experience with the chicken sandwich may vary greatly from mine. But for me, this was amazing.

It wasn’t even that hot. It was slightly warm, but really juicy and really crispy. I wanted to get a spicy version, but the coupon I was using only allowed for the plain, which was still great. Even without sauce, I enjoyed this thing.

Overall, this is a great chicken sandwich. It’s priced in my area from around five to six dollars, which is about right when compared to competitors. It is on the same level as Popeye’s chicken sandwich in terms of taste, which is my favorite fast food chicken sandwich and a sandwich I place higher than Chil-Fil-A’s chicken sandwich. I’d buy this again, but only if I had a coupon lowering the price about one or two dollars.

Fast Food Review: Burger King Crispy Chicken Sandwich

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Score: 6/10

Burger King has always had a chicken sandwich, but it was also bad. It was a pasted together patty of chicken meat that tasted like it was pasted together. With the advent of the crispy chicken sandwich wars between fast food brands and the trend of better quality, higher priced fast food, Burger King introduced the Crispy Chicken Sandwich a few years ago in order to add something new to their menu and compete.

This new chicken sandwich is definitely better than their old one (now known as the Original Chicken Sandwich). Unfortunately, it is probably one of the worst when compared to the same quality chicken sandwiches from competing fast food brands. The chicken patty is of lower quality and just doesn’t taste as good. I do like that it comes with lettuce and tomato as many other fast food chicken sandwiches come with barely anything but the chicken.

Overall, this is a still a decent sandwich. It just can’t compete with the chicken sandwiches from the other food chains.