Snack Review: Harry & David Rice Cracker Snack Mix

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Score: 6.2/10

These things are pretty good, but the biggest downside is how abnormally crunchy they are and how they somehow manage to stick to your teeth. Other than the dental hazard, they are seasoned really well and have a unique, peppery taste to them. I probably would not purchase these things for my own consumption because of how they really do get stuck all over your teeth. However, I would eat them again if they were just lying around the house or if someone had given them to me as a gift.

Snack Review: Ktown Sesame & Coconut Cracker

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Score: 7/10

These are some good crackers and there’s a lot I like about this product.

I like how it’s packaged. It comes in a big box of forty or so individually packaged crackers. Each individual package has about five or six crackers in each one.

The crackers themselves taste good. I was surprised to find that each cracker was topped with some salt, something I usually see on chocolate chip cookies in order to sweeten the cookie by offering a contrasting salt flavor. The salt works well here and offers a similar effect, though the crackers are not particularly sweet.

Overall, I recommend this things for taking with you on a trip or as a gift. That every five or six crackers are individually packaged was a nice touch.

Snack Review: BanQiu Soda Yam Flavor Cracker

Details: Also known as 半球淮山蘇打餅乾. More information can be found at

Score: 7/10

These are some of the butteriest crackers I’ve ever had. I know it says there is Yam in this, but I almost don’t taste it. They should just call these butter crackers. They’re pretty damn good.

Snack Review: Cheez-It Snap’d Cheddar Sour Cream & Onion


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This is good. You get this when you don’t want something as greasy as potato chips and as tasteless as a cracker. This is a good in between.

Score: 7/10