Snack Review: Nabisco Chips Ahoy! Crunchy Chunky White Fudge Cookies

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Score: 7/10

Chunky White Fudge cookies advertises itself as different from your normal type of Chips Ahoy! cookie by saying it has bigger chunks of white fudge. Personally, this tastes about the same as your average chocolate chip Chips Ahoy! cookie. The white fudge chunks are slightly larger, but offer nothing in terms of taste and marginally noticeable differences in texture. Basically, there’s no real decision to be made between this variety and your standard variety of Chips Ahoy! cookie because they’re pretty much the same. Still a good tasting, cheap chocolate chip cookie though.

Snack Review: Pepperidge Farm Milano

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Score: 7/10

The Milano is likely the most popular, most well known Pepperidge Farm cookie. It is the standard by which all the other Pepperidge Farm cookies are judged.

It’s no surprise then that this is a good cookie. It’s not overly buttery like the Farmhouse brand cookies. It’s not too chocolaty. It’s not too large. It’s the perfect middle ground of a chocolate filled cookie.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with this cookie. I don’t feel any passion for it, but I enjoy the cookie nonetheless.

Snack Review: Pepperidge Farm Brussels

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Score: 7/10

When I tried the Pepperidge Farm Thin & Crispy Milk Chocolate Chip cookies the other day, I was expecting something along the lines of this. That cookie was crumbly. This cookie is truly thin and crispy. In comparison, this also doesn’t have the overwhelming taste of butter that that other brand of cookie has.

Basically, this is two, thin, very crispy cookies, stuck together with a dark chocolate spread in between them. It’s thin and crunchy. The chocolate is not a bitterly dark chocolate. It’s still fairly sweet, but not as overwhelmingly sweet as the Farmhouse chocolate chip cookie.

Overall, this is another good cookie. I’d opt for this is you want a less buttery, less sweet cookie, or if you like slightly sweet dark chocolate.

Snack Review: Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Cookies, Thin & Crispy Milk Chocolate Chip

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Score: 6.9/10

I was watching a Youtuber review Pepperidge farm cookies and when he came across this specific cookie, he raved about it. So, I decided to go out and get some.

The first thing you taste in this cookie is the butter. There is so much butter in this cookie. So much so that the chocolate takes a back seat. They should just name it butter cookies with chocolate on the side.

The texture is crumbly, not crispy. It’s a drier styled cookie. It falls apart fairly easily after a bite. I prefer my cookies chewy and moist, but that’s just personal preference.

Overall, this was a good cookie. It’s definitely not good for you, but no one eats chocolate chip cookies for their health. If you’re buying this cookie, the primary taste you need to keep in mind is the taste of butter. That’s like 90% of this cookie.

Bakery Review: Breads Bakery

Details: Located at 1890 Broadway, New York, NY 10023. Official site is

Breads Bakery is a small bakery serving quality baked goods as well as some sandwiches.

I had a Marzipan cookie and a mini pumpkin pie (since I came by around Thanksgiving). They cost $3.50 and $4.25 respectively. The cookie was great, the pie was just okay.

Service was noticeably nice. There are a few tables to sit at if you want to sit.

Score: 6.8/10