Snack Review: Harry & David Raspberry Galette Cookie

The following picture was the only one I took. It does not do justice to how tasty this cookie was.

Details: Official site is

Score: 7/10

This is a very delicious cookie. It’s two buttery cookies sandwiching a very sweet, raspberry filling. You can definitely taste that this is a slightly higher quality cookie than your average Nabisco product. It kind of reminded me of the Pepperidge Farm Verona cookies. If I lacked more self control, I’d eat about a dozen of these in a sitting.

Snack Review: Fujiya Country Ma’am Royal Hokkaido Cheese Cookie

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Score: 7/10

You can definitely taste the strong tang of that cheese flavor. It’s the kind of cheese you’d get from an Asian style cheese tart or baked good from Asian bakeries like Fay Da or Paris Baguette. More like cream cheese than say, a parmesan or American cheese. Very sweet. Very tangy. Pretty good.