Frozen Food Review: Wellsley Farms Cocktail Beef Franks Wrapped In Puff Pastry

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Score: 6.9/10

These are just your average cocktail beef franks. Nothing special, nothing terrible. The only complaint I have about these things is that after you bake them, they are not visually appealing. The instructions state to place each beef frank on the baking tray seam side down. This is likely to prevent the puff pastry separating from the beef frank. Unfortunately, there were almost always about half my beef franks were not fully wrapped by the puff pastry after baking, even though I followed the instructions and they were all fully wrapped before baking. This is likely due to an insufficient amount of puff pastry used in wrapping each beef frank.

This is admittedly a minor complaint and does not take away from the product as a whole. If you want beef franks and don’t care about how they look, this will do just fine.

Fast Food Review: Popeyes Creole Cocktail Sauce

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Score: 6.7/10

Popeyes Creole Cocktail Sauce is basically spicy cocktail sauce. Cocktail sauce is basically chunky ketchup. It’s similar to salsa, but I would say that between salsa and ketchup, it still leans more in flavor profile to ketchup.

The thing about this sauce is that it makes me wonder why all cocktail sauce doesn’t have an element of spice to it, like with salsa. Spicy cocktail sauce should be the default way to serve the sauce. Without it, it’s like eating chunky ketchup.

Overall, a good sauce that goes well enough with the fried shrimp, though I think the garlic tartar sauce is superior. The ideal medium for this sauce would likely be the shrimp po boy sandwiches they occasionally have on their menu.