Snack Review: Clif Bar


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In my opinion, the Clif bar is the default energy/wellness bar that I recommend when anyone wants to eat one. The great deception with these types of bars is that they have some sort of health benefit. They do not. The other implication is that this can act as a meal replacer, which again, it cannot. It doesn’t have the proper nutrition for that. These are deceptions of its marketing.

The ideal scenario for eating something like this is if you are hiking somewhere, there is no food in sight and you are desperate for something to eat. There is no reason to eat something like this unless you are desperate. There is too much calories and sugar to healthily eat this and similar products as a snack. The taste also isn’t magnificent.

With that said, this is probably the best tasting “energy bar” on the market. It is also the best priced as most competitor products are at least slightly more expensive.

In conclusion, if you want to eat energy/wellness bars, Clif Bars are the best option. Otherwise, I advise anyone interested in these types of products or who stupidly believes there is any health benefits to similar products to avoid these things. They aren’t good for you and fresh food is usually healthier and tastes better.

Score: 7/10

Snack Review: LUNA Whole Nutrition Bar


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The main problem with LUNA bars is that they are marketed and designed for women and I am not one. I’m sure the company would love everyone to keep buying their bars, but the label says it’s made for women. As a man, I thought the bar was okay. It actually reminded me of a cereal bar, which is fine except it’s priced as a health bar, which is substantially more than a cereal bar. Overall, the bar is fine, but Clif bars are still superior, which is ironic because LUNA bars are made by the Clif bar company.

Score: 6/10