Snack Review: Kodiak Cakes Cinnamon Bear Bites

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Score: 6.5/10

These are just your run of the mill, average graham crackers, no better or worse tasting than a box of Teddy Grahams. The cinnamon flavor was interesting though, but still just an average snack.

An interesting aside is that the company that makes this product primarily sells pancake batter and other products associated with pancakes. I don’t know why they decided to enter the graham cracker market with a product so similar to the already popular Teddy Grahams from Nabisco. Maybe they’re just trying to steal a little bit of a that brand recognition.

Cereal Review: Kellogg’s Special K Cinnamon Brown Sugar Crunch Protein Cereal

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Score: 6.5/10

This stuff’s pretty good. It’s got brown sugar in it, which I love in my cereal. I don’t know if I love cinnamon though. I certainly don’t hate it. The shape of the cereal is also a little uncomfortable since it’s optimally shaped to cut the roof of my mouth. The shape reminds me of Captain Crunch cereal. Still, not bad. It also doesn’t get soggy as fast as competing cereal brands because of its shape.