Snack Review: Caribbean Food Delights Jamaican Style Spicy Beef Patties

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Score: 7/10

When I was growing up, they’d serve these things in elementary school and I mostly hated them. As I got older, the nostalgia around this food item grew and nowadays, I’ll even pay to eat one. It’s mostly the nostalgia that attracts them to me.

Jamaican style beef patties is basically spiced beef in yellow, flaky dough. I don’t want to say it’s puff pastry, but it’s flaky enough. It’s basically in the same food group as a pasty or an empanada.

Whether you will or will not enjoy this will vary. If you grew up eating these things, then you will know what you are in for and possibly enjoy it. What I like about these specific patties is that they somehow figured out how to make the outside flaky. You microwave it within the bag and the bag somehow makes it flaky instead of soggy. It’s kind of impressive because I was expecting soggy mush. The spice isn’t immense, but it’s there.

The price is a bit high though when considering that this is a frozen food and frozen foods lack for taste. I paid $1.25 per patty in the package I bought. I’ve seen local pizzerias sell these things for about two dollars, so the price I paid wasn’t that different from the marked up price local business sell them for.

Overall, I really liked these things. They are a convenient, quick snack that somehow maintains the flaky aspect of the dough. I’m not sure I could recommend these to anyone who has never had them before. I think you need to have had this before and know what it tastes like before making the purchase. This isn’t gourmet, it’s just convenient and relatively tasty.