Fast Food Review: Dunkin’s Donuts Caramel Flavor Swirl

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Score: 6.5/10

The caramel flavor swirl is by far the most obscenely sweet flavor swirl/shot in Dunkin’… and yet it’s the one I prefer. I just like sweet stuff. Also, the other flavors simply don’t taste good or aren’t sweet enough. Coconut doesn’t taste great and I’m not always in the mood for chocolate mocha. The caramel flavor swirl tastes decent enough and is very sweet. You can request how many flavor swirls you want to control the level of sweetness you want. I usually get around three or four. Dunkin’s default amount is four I think.

Fast Food Review: McDonald’s Caramel Iced Coffee

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Score: 7.2/10

Every week (or maybe every day) I get a coupon in my McDonald’s app where I can get a coffee of any size for one dollar. Usually, I get a large ice coffee with caramel flavor… for one dollar. And it tastes pretty good. I mean, it is obscenely sweet, but that’s what I wanted when I asked for caramel. I can’t think of any of other business or franchise that will sell me a decently tasting large ice coffee with heavy caramel flavor shots for only a dollar. For that reason alone, I think McDonald’s coffee is better than every other coffee place in my area, including places like Starbucks. As long as the price, size, and flavor remain the same, McDonald’s will be my go to spot for ice coffee.