Frozen Food Review: Island Pie Shoppe Key Lime Bites

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Score: 7/10

These things are delightful. I wonder why I never had chocolate and key lime pie together in the past since it is such a delicious combination. In any case, I’ve had them now and I will never be the same. Chocolate and key lime pie need to be together in all their incarnations.

These are not that cheap though. A single box of thirty individual mini bites is about ten dollars. They aren’t too small, nor are they satisfyingly large. Also keep in mind that these are a frozen treat. Eating one straight out of the box is very cold and may hurt your teeth. I definitely recommend letting it sit for a few minutes if you want it to soften up a bit.

Overall, these are great and I will happily buy them again.

Fast Food Review: Burger King Jalepeno Cheddar Bites

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Score: 6/10

Jalepeno Cheddar Bites have been on Burger King’s menu for decades. They used to be called Jalepeno Poppers. Then they were taken off the menu. And then they came back. It’s a straight forward, frozen, deep fried snack. It’s not he greatest, however, you can get four for a dollar. With that price point, I almost always just buy some. It’s fried, spicy cheese. It’s completely unhealthy, but crunchy and cheesy.

Overall, this snack is just cheap enough to be worth purchasing.