Video Game Review: Dishonored

Details: This is a review of the main game only, not of any of the downloadable content. Originally released in 2012. The Definitive Edition was released in 2015. I purchased Dishonored: Definitive Edition a long time ago for about $8.50 through, who is now known as I think. The Definitive Edition comes with all the downloadable content. Beat the game in about eleven hours. Played on the PC through Steam.

Score: 7/10

Dishonored is a first person perspective stealth game. Think Assassin’s Creed from the first person perspective. While mostly fun, the game is a little bare and lacks the gameplay and narrative depth necessary to make this game more than satisfactory. It is still very fun despite its age.

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Video Game Review: All Fallout 4 DLC (PC)

A while back I bought the season pass for Fallout 4. I enjoyed, but was largely disappointed by Fallout 4 because I was expecting more content and better graphics. In my opinion, the DLC (downloadable content) continues to follow this trend. To be more succinct, Fallout 4 and its DLC are good, not great.

To make things easier I’ll just do a quick review and score for each DLC in the chronological order they were released starting from the oldest one.


The first DLC  for Fallout 4 was lackluster. It had some bare story moments and opted for crafting robots, which is fun for about ten minutes. When it comes to role playing games, I desire good story with a sense of discovery and adventure. This game barely offered any story in that regard. Unfortunately, many of the subsequent DLC has even less plot than this one.

Score: 3/10

Wasteland Workshop

More crafting tools and objects. You can catch monsters and have them fight each other. Also some more stuff for your settlements. No story unfortunately.

Score: 1.5/10

Far Harbor

Far Harbor is what I consider the first true story DLC for Fallout 4. A new case brought to Nick Valentine takes the player to an island known as Far Harbor. Here the player will meet new factions and solve mysteries. It was a really fun DLC with hours of content. I also enjoyed the tone of the narratives here and the art style of the island.

Score: 6.7/10

Contraptions Workshop

More tools and objects to build in your settlements. No story.

Score: 1.3/10

Vault-Tec Workshop

The idea of this DLC was a player controlled Vault similar to the Fallout Shelter app on IOS and Android. Some lousy quests and more crafting tools and objects for your settlements.

Score: 2/10


The final DLC for Fallout 4 and, with Far Harbor, one of the only two DLC’s that I feel are worth their price. The player gets to investigate Nuka-World, a ruined theme park occupied by raiders. A big selling point for this DLC was that players could now play as raiders. After playing through this DLC, I can say that that draw was crap. Raiders play like any other faction. There are a number of notable missions that play out hilariously or morbidly. It was fun, but felt a little shorter than Far Harbor. My biggest complaint is the lack of playable quests. Felt like most of their budget went towards the art department rather than quest/story development. I also dislike how siding with factions is the only narrative trick in Bethesda’s bag. It’s getting boring.

Score: 6.9/10

In Conclusion

Fallout 4 and it’s DLC have been fun, if not disappointing. I expected so much more. instead I got a game that I felt like I’ve played before. A good sequel expands upon what was established before and adds something new. There was nothing new here when compared with past Fallout games. After playing this game, I really think this might be my last Fallout game, maybe even my last Bethesda game. At the very least, I will wait till future Bethesda games drop to a dirt cheap price before I purchase them.

Overal score of Fallout 4 and all its DLC: 7/10

Video Game Review: Fallout Shelter (IOS, Android)

Fallout Shelter is a free to play mobile game you can download for free and play if you have an Android or IOS platform (i.e. a smartphone or tablet).

Fallout Shelter is also the first mobile game I have ever played. I’ve glanced at Words With Friends, Angry Birds, and the like, but mobile games just seem kind of crappy. The pay to win or freemium model is also distasteful as someone who enjoys purchasing a game and knowing they have the complete version and can win without giving over more money. With that said, I have been playing this game obsessively over the last week on my Ipod and have finally played enough of the game to put it down and write this review.

Gameplay is simple; you build a Fallout Shelter consisting of different rooms that provide different functions (living space, resource production) while trying to defend against raids from enemies, incidents (e.g. fires), and running out of resources. If anything gets out of hand, dwellers die.

Dwellers are the main purpose/resource in the game. Your goal is to ensure they live and proliferate. That means breeding. You can send them to work in the various rooms you have constructed or into the wasteland to look for equipment/loot. Each dweller can be equipped with a weapon and an outfit and can level up.

There are also an endless number of objectives that can be met which yield one of two rewards: Caps or lunch boxes. Caps are the currency of the game and can be used to build rooms, resurrect dead dwellers, etc. Lunch boxes are random loot drops which hold four randomly selected things.

This is where real money comes into play. The only way to spend real money in the game is buy buying lunch boxes, which are randomly generated and may not necessarily drop useful items. It’s not really a great interference from real money considering that you can get lunch boxes just by doing objectives.

As for my personal experience with the game, at first I spent most of time trying to create some sort of equilibrium. I tried a number of vaults, testing out various strategies. When I finally came upon one that I liked, I built up my vault from there. I ended up with a layout that has elevators on both sides, thus blocking mole rat attacks from everywhere but the bottom level. I armed the bottom floor and the top floor to the teeth and placed my strongest dwellers there to fend off attacks. I currently have around 100 dwellers, which I plan on keeping for a while. I doubt I will play the game as frequently since my game now consists of sending dwellers into the wasteland in hopes of finding cool loot instead of base planning and construction.

Score: 7.3/10 An arguably shallow game… except for the fact that IT’S FREE! Real money is not all that useful given the random nature of the lunch boxes, which I appreciate greatly. Makes the game look less like a money grab. I recommend everyone give the game a spin. It’s a fun, free game that’s perfect to play during your commute, waiting for takeout, or on a break at work.