Restaurant Review: Badshah Modern Indian

Details: Located at 788 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019. Official site is

Badshah has the distinction of likely being the best chicken tikka masala I’ve ever had. Not by a wide margin, but it is pretty good. I’ve eaten a lot of tikka masala, but this was the most memorable one I’ve had in recent memory.

I think it’s that it’s a thicker sauce. Most tikka masala I’ve had has been watered down more. This was very thick and creamy. The flavor was also stronger. It was just better.

I came by and ordered the chicken tikka masala for lunch. It came with rice, a small salad, and naan bread and costs around twelve dollars after tax.

Overall, everything was pretty good and I can see myself coming back here again. If you want to eat inside, the interior is comfortable. The woman I placed my order with was very nice.

Score: 7/10