Movie Review: Transformers: The Last Knight

Details: Released in 2017. Directed by Michael Bay. Stars Mark WahlbergAnthony HopkinsJosh Duhamel. About two and half hours long.

My favorite movies are the ones that trigger emotions, that make me feel elation, sadness, or joy. Transformers: The Last Knight made me feel nothing.

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Movie Review: Army of Darkness

Details: Released in 1992. About an hour and twenty minutes long. Directed by Sam Raimi. Stars Bruce Campbell.

Army of Darkness is the third film in the Evil Dead franchise. It is undoubtedly a B movie and deliberately so. This is campy, sort of horror with bad effects and mostly comedic in the delivery of most lines.

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Movie Review: Office Christmas Party

Details: Released in 2016. About an hour and forty-five minutes long. Stars Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, T.J. Miller.

I think when you make this kind of extreme movie, you need to take some notes from movies like The Hangover, Superbad, or American Pie. Basically, those movies were a series of extreme comedic, lewd, obscene scenes that increased in degree of extremity with each consecutive scene. The amount of extreme behavior needs to increase and continue to surprise the audience in addition to making them laugh. This film did not do that.

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Movie Review: The Secret Life of Pets

Details: Released in 2016. Stars Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, and Kevin Hart. About an hour and a half long.

The Secret Life of Pets is an animated children’s film that centers on talking pets who are left at home when their owners go to work. The premise is this: Max, a terrier, does not get along with Duke, the new dog his owner has adopted. The two get into trouble, lose their way home, and must learn to get along if they are to find their way back.

It’s a simple premise. If you are a child or the type that just likes watching cute, animated animals talk, then you’re probably going to like this movie. For the rest of us, there are a few things to enjoy.

The plot is paper thin, as most of these animated talking animal movies are. Fortunately, the cast is pretty great. The cast is filled with actors and comedians known for their existing personalities which come through in the movie. You have Louis C.K. who essentially plays a terrier with Louis C.K.’s personality. Also extremely noticeable are Jenny Slate and Kevin Hart, who both were actually funny by virtue of their comedic personas. If you like these comedians and their comedic stand up performances, you may like the movie.

Also worth mentioning is the orchestrated soundtrack. I was surprised by how many recognizable New York-y melodies were woven into the music. It definitely helps to create this big city, New York vibe that the film somewhat tries to convey. The melody that surprised me the most was a short bit from West Side Story. I think there are lots of little musical inclusions like that (even thought I couldn’t identify them all) and it’s fun trying to pick them out.

Overall, an okay kids film which has something for adults who are fans of the cast’s comedy.

Score: 4/10

Movie Review: Sing

Details: Released in 2016. A little under two hours long. Stars Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, and Seth MacFarlane.

Sing is an animated movie with talking animals who try to compete in a singing competition in order to win a cash prize. It is a comedy mostly.

The actors are okay, with McConaughey surprising me the most. I had no idea he was capable of speaking in a way not requiring a south Texas accent. I totally did not recognize him. I recognized everyone else though.

I really didn’t enjoy the film. It’s a fluff film with no substance. In a year of really good animated movies like Zootopia and Finding Dory, this really didn’t do anything for me. There were many points throughout the film I wanted to get up and leave.

I will say that the audience I watched this with (mostly kids and their parents) really loved the movie, applauding and cheering at the end of it. If you like seeing anthropomorphized animals doing silly things like singing and dancing or if you are under the age of ten, then you may enjoy this movie.

Score: 3.5/10